“Welcome, racers to Octoasis! A veritable who's who in the eight-legged octo kingdom. And what do you know-we have a rare sighting today: the Terra Squid - and her baby! So do your best and stay out of ARMS way! Get it?”

Octoasis is the fourth sea track in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing. It features many sharp turns, a speed creek, and the Ancient Elemental Terrasquid and her baby.

The track features forks in the road, two wave sections and ink that can slow you down. Throughout the race, the Terrasquid will block a path with her tentacle but on the final lap, she will leave both open. Some parts of the water are filled with squid ink that slows down your vehicle.

Event Challenges

  • The Marvelous Tour
    • Race
  • The Splendiferous Tour
    • Ghost Race
  • The Magnificent Tour
    • Stunt Mastery
  • The Nefarious Tour
    • Mirror Race


  • Several large one eyed starfish creatures are seen throughout the track, which first appeared in Sheep Wreck Island.
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