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“Well color me tickled pink! It's the Skylander that saved our town!”

Nort is a recurring Mabu resident. He first appeared on the Shattered Island in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and informed the returning Skylander of a turtle blocking the way to Turtle Gully where the other Mabu were trapped. Nort later became a scout for the Mabu Defense Force and helped the Skylander retrieve the Green Primordial Goo from the Troll army.


Spyro versus The Mega Monsters

When Nort was fishing in the waters of the Stinky Swamp, he was suddenly attacked by a large titchy toad and was devoured whole. He was then saved by Kaos, who claimed to be renouncing his evil ways to fight for good, and reunited the Mabu with Snuckles, Nort's friend.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Nort was among one of the Mabu inhabitants who evacuated from the Shattered Island when a freak tornado ravaged their town. He eventually became a member of the Mabu Defense Force to battle against Kaos's troll forces and help the Skylanders retrieve parts of the Eternal Tech Source.

Skylanders: Trap Team

Nort was with the Mabu Defense Force when they were reassembled by Buzz to help the Skylanders at Chompy Mountain and Mystic Mill.


  • It is possible that Nort is related to the Mabu Royal Family from Shattered Island, as many artifacts and royal objects are named after him in Heroic Challenges.
  • Despite the name, Nort is not related to Norticus.
  • In Trap Team, in The Future of Skylands, there is a Mabu with a similar name known as Nort-Tron, which is a palindrome.
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