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“He'll steal the show. And everything else!”
    —Villain Vault

Nightshade is a thief who is one of the Dark trappable villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. He is the Doom Raider of the Dark element.


Nightshade is a highly sophisticated thief and a follower of the Darkness. Despite having been born rich, he steals treasure simply to show off. Nightshade doesn't take himself quite seriously. He loves doing evil, but not because he needs to - just because he can. This charming, charismatic thief enjoys showing off his ninja skills in battle, and feels no remorse for his victims. To Nightshade, life is a game - a game he intends to win.[1] Although he appears charming, he is completely heartless.[2] However, he does have a sense of honor as he willingly accepted capture, knowing that he couldn't run away forever.



A charismatic ninja thief, Nightshade is by far the most famous burglar that Skylands has ever known. Very smooth, charming, classy, and old-school cool. He was born rich and doesn’t need the treasure he steals. He only does it to show off how awesome he is. When the Core of Light was destroyed and the Dark Realm was cut off from the rest of Skylands, Nightshade was rumored to have finally retired from the game. But now that the Midnight Museum is set to host one of Skylands’ rarest treasures, the Dark Eye of Unvisibility, everyone knows it’s only a matter of time before Nightshade resurfaces for one last, big heist.

Skylanders: Trap Team

Nightshade snuck into the high security Midnight Museum to steal the Dark Eye of Unvisibility in order to have the power to steal everything in Skylands. The Skylanders attempted to retrieve the Dark Eye before it could fall into the wrong hands, but Nightshade beat them to it and snatched the artifact before making his escape. After the Skylanders defeated the security forces of the museum, Nightshade was cornered by the heroes and engaged them in a fight. During the battle, the Doom Raider used the shadows of the pillars to inflict damage to the Skylanders and created shadow clones of himself to confuse and harm them. Despite this advantage, Nightshade was defeated and accepted capture with dignity.

After his capture, the Skylanders took him back to the Midnight Museum for his Villain Quest with Tessa, called "A Crown Without a King". She explained to them that a long time ago Nightshade had stolen the King of Woodburrow's crown, and she required the thief's assistance to get past the security system that was surrounding it to steal it back. Once he did, Tessa decided that since Woodburrow no longer has a king, he could keep the crown and maybe put it to good use. She awarded Nightshade her thanks, an new outfit, and the Bat Hat, which must have been the King of Woodburrow's crown.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Although only mentioned, Nightshade's stash of stolen treasures were placed within the Sensei Dark Realm before his incarceration.

Other appearances

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

Nightshade took the opportunity of Wolfgang battling the Skylanders in Bone Grave Village and stole the Book of Dark Magic, escaping with a taunt. For better or worse, the next portal took the heroes straight to his home, the Mansion of Gloom, where he challenged them to find and defeat him for the artifact. However, it was simply a ruse to send the book to Luminous, as the one he had on display was a fake.


  • "Indeed it is, my good man, and I'll be stealing it. Name's Nightshade, by the way, best thief in all of Skylands - Ta!"
  • "You are persistent, I'll give you that. But I'm afraid I am going to give you a little drubbing as well. Engage!"
  • "Normally one shouldn't be afraid of the shadow, but this is a case where you might want to make an exception."
  • "Over here, Skylander. Or is it over here?"
  • "My apologies, Skylander, but I really do need to win."
  • "Hi, Skylander. Hi, Skylander. Hi, Skylander. Hi Skylander."
  • "Tip of the cap to you, Skylander. And if it were up to me, I'd let you go, but the greater forces of Darkness say otherwise."
  • "You can knock me down to size, Skylander. But which one is me?"

Trap Quotes

  • "Well, Portal Master, I suppose it's in your hands now."
  • "Oh, I guess I couldn't really elude capture forever. Well, it appears I'll be going away for a bit. I shall endure this capture sequence with dignittttyyyyyy.....!!" - when trapped
  • "Ha! No jail can hold the great Nightshade!" *attacks the Trap's interior but fails* "Well except this one, apparently."
  • "Well I suppose I could be persuaded to switch sides."
  • "Dark days aheeaaaaadddd!" - when summoned
  • "Present!"
  • "Didn't even break a sweat!"
  • "Pickpocket!"
  • "Spare some change?"
  • "I'm on the case!"
  • "Top notch!"
  • "Stealth mode!"
  • "Well played."
  • "Capital!"
  • "Aces!"
  • "Lovely!"
  • "Sounds like a fine caper indeed!"
  • "Now you see me, now you don't."
  • "Ah, I do enjoy a good puzzle!"
  • "Ha! How delightfully absurd."
  • "Exercise extreme caution here, Skylander."
  • "We can't disappoint them, Skylander!"
  • "Prepare for a thrashing!"
  • "The battle is afoot!"
  • "You might want to consider beefing up security at this place. The most notorious thief in Skylands could walk right in!"
  • "Tell me about this Cali person. Is she- hmm, how do I put this- seeing anybody?"
  • "I suppose one doesn't have to be crazy to work at this academy, but it sure helps."
  • "Has anyone told Buzz that his secret ninja commando skills aren't secret if he's constantly bringing them up?"
  • "Don't forget, you have a master thief at your disposal."
  • "Can't help but notice your health is running a little low there. This would appear to be a fine time to call me in."
  • "Tag me in. I'd wager you'll be quite pleased with my performance!"
  • "Bring me in now for optimum results!"
  • "Want to see something amazing happen? Tag me in now!"
  • "Why not bring me in? I'm sure you'll find I'm more than sufficient."
  • "I'm ready to break out!"
  • "I must say, I'm quite knackered after that experience."
  • "I'll need to recharge for a bit. Give me some time here."
  • "I'm sure these favorable results are in large part due to our partnership."
  • "Impressive! But you knew that already, right?" - Looking at stats
  • "Oh yeah she's talking about me you know. Tag me in." - Quest

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

Nightshade's theme is Gangster, from APM Music.




  • A nightshade is a plant of the Solanacea family, the most known being the poisonous deadly nightshade or belladonna. They were believed in the past to be used for witchcraft.
  • Nightshade and Luminous are the only Doom Raiders who willingly accepted capture after their defeat.
    • Coincidentally, they're both villains of the new elements, Dark and Light, respectively.
  • His charismatic personality and status as a thief resembles that of the video game character, Sly Cooper
  • He shows an interest in Cali.
  • Nightshade is one of a few villains who can produce money (the others being Chomp Chest and the Golden Queen).
    • Of these, Nightshade is the only villain who is not of the Earth element.
    • Nightshade can also pickpocket Traptanium crystal clusters and Auric in the Skylanders Academy using the Swipe attack.
  • He is one of a few villains who speak with a British accent (the others being Bomb Shell, Brawl & Chain and Wolfgang).
  • Nightshade, Dreamcatcher and Luminous are the only Doom Raiders who are not involved in any part of Skylanders: SuperChargers (if not counting Skystones Overdrive).
  • His evolved form's color scheme is likely a reference to the legendary outlaw, Robin Hood.
  • In Imaginators, the Super Mask head strongly resembles Nightshade's head.


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