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The Nightmare Villains are a group of villains that appear in the 3DS version of Skylanders: Trap Team. They are led by the Dream Sheep and have been unleashed into Skylands after Hugo read from a cursed book in the Eternal Archives.

Only Nightmare Villains can access their own respective Villain Bootcamps in order to obtain a Gem Key or free a Sage of Waking.

List of Nightmare Villains



  • It is implied that most of the Nightmare Villains never take baths, as several characters and Nightmare Pages mention the villains possessing stinky odors, and all of them even emit a purple odor in their crystal prison upon being captured.
  • Runys Pointyboots, Bobbin Rood and Olaf Crushersson were planned to appear in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes before its closure.