“Aah, yes, it's Spring here in the enchanted halls of the Mystical Vault. There's something magical in the air... Either that or it's allergy season, because the Enchanter-Planter can't stop sneezing! See if you can use these energy fluctuations to your advantage during the race!”

Mystical Vault is a Sea race track in Skylanders: SuperChargers that takes place within the Vault of the Ancients. It is a river inside the Vault filled with vegetation and a strange energy flow that alters whenever the Enchanter-Planter sneezes. The Boss Pursuit opponent in this track is Spellslamzer. Like all other SuperChargers tracks, Mystical Vault returns in the racing mode of Skylanders: Imaginators.


  • When Pandergast gives you the quest to complete Mystical Vault, his text box wrongly refers to it as "Magnetic Vault".
  • Unlike the story mode level, this area has differently colored Watch Wraiths in yellow and purple instead of greenish blue.
    • For unknown reasons, the Enchanter-Planter is that color in the track icon.
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