“The Spirit is Willing!”
    —Mystical Bad Juju's Sensei catchphrase

Mystical Bad Juju is the Mystical counterpart of Bad Juju in Skylanders: Imaginators.

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  • Though her blades are red in the figure and official artwork, they have their original cyan color in the game.
  • Possibly because they share the same palette and outfit, Juju Junior has the same color changes as his mother, which rarely happens with alternate counterparts of Skylanders that can summon helpers.
  • She and Mystical Tae Kwon Crow are the only Mystical counterparts of the franchise. Both are Senseis, and their original counterparts are both former villains.
  • A villainous variant appears as an Undead enemy in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes, though her black outfit has a slightly more brownish tone and several black and white areas are swapped around.
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