Mystic Mill is the ninth chapter in Skylanders: Trap Team.


  • Regain control of the flagship
  • Take out the Evilikin turrets
  • Retake the Mill from the Evilikins

Element Gates

  • Life
  • Fire

Areas to Find

  • Mabu Flagship
  • Loading Docks
    • Element:Earth
  • Lumber Mill Office
  • Packing House & Wheelhouse A
  • Mudder's Corner
    • Element: Villain
  • Sawdust Processing & Wheelhouse B
  • Western Storage Unit
    • Element: Life
  • Waterways, Eastern Storage Unit & Power House
  • Flying Flora & Plant Processing...Plant
    • Element:Life
  • Fire Falls
    • Element: Fire
  • Saw Mill Main Gate
    • Element: AIr
  • Nature Bridges- North and West
  • Pulp Shredder

New Villains

Wanted Villains

Villain Element
Shield Shredder Villain Icon.png Shield Shredder Life
Krankenstein Villain Icon.png Krankenstein Air

Legendary Treasure

  • Legendary Saw Blade

Villain Quests

Soul Gems


  • Garrison Hat
  • Volcano Hat
  • Mountie Hat


A red Troll who appears in the Saw Mill Main Gate.


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