My Way or the Sky Way is the second episode in the Skylanders Academy television series.


Jet-Vac uses a potential plumbing disaster to teach Spyro about the "Skylander Way", but they clash over Jet-Vac's strict rules and planning.


Master Eon tasks the Skylanders to repair malfunctioning basement pipes. The entire system is violently building up pressure, but Jet-Vac halts any attempt of repair until he comes up with a plan. Regardless, Spyro acts quickly by shooting a fireball at the source of the blockage, restoring the entire pipe system. Spyro concludes a job well done but Jet-Vac is not amused by his actions.

Kaos's mother, Kaossandra, makes a rare visit to his lair as Kaos wants to show her a projection of the map to the Core of Light. However, his powers are unable to project the image properly. Dissatisfied, Kaossandra warns her son of eviction to his lair if he doesn't earn a job to pay rent. Glumshanks is ordered to serve Kaossandra in the meantime while Kaos reluctantly begins looking for a job. Subsequently, Kaos is humiliatingly hired to be a mascot of Uncle Merle's Lizard Gizzard. When he uses his powers to levitate and rotate his arrow prop, a pair of Mabu becomes hypnotized when watching. After seeing Glumshanks unable to recognize him under his costume, he concocts a scheme that uses his disguise and new power.

Jet-Vac makes a surprise visit to the Team Spyro home as he plans to move in while he re-discipline Spyro after his actions to act first without a plan. Jet-Vac becomes a thorn on Spyro as he criticizes every aspect of his private life. Hours of unrelenting conditioning, Spyro hides himself outside from Jet-Vac's presence. Master Eon alerts the Skylanders of an urgent issue of the Falling Forest caught on fire. They proceed to use their superchargers to arrive quickly but is again halted by Jet-Vac's plan to read their vehicle's manual first that takes three grueling hours of delay before they are finally allowed to depart. But as they arrived, Snap Shot and Ka-Boom managed to quell the fire instead and an embarrassed Jet-Vac now has to report the reason of their delay.

Jet-Vac is called in for a discussion with Master Eon at a diner. Eon has him reflect his leadership for being too restrictive of any heroic actions without a full proof plan, stating that impulsive acting has significance for their accomplishments. Feeling ashamed for his incessant deterrence of Spyro's actions, Jet-Vac leaves to apologize to him, with Master Eon following after. When Hugo is left behind, Kaos hypnotizes him to use him as his key to the Relics Room and recapture the Core of Light's location.

At the Library, Jet Vac meets with Spyro and opens up about his past of once being like Spyro's nature to act on instinct. But one day it costs him terribly, which explains why Jet-Vac was persistent of having the team to always plan first to prevent them from making the same mistake. Jet-Vac realizes that letting Spyro and the team follow their own ways to act can guarantee them success. From behind, Kaos arrives at the vault as Hugo prepares to open it up for him. He is interrupted by an excited Spyro and Jet-Vac, believing him to only be a Lizard Gizzard mascot, as they pester him to perform the Lizard Gizzard Dance. Irritated, Kaos angrily states that he won't perform but inadvertently reveals himself. Kaos tries to escape, but Jet-Vac trips him, which surprises him as he did it on impulse. Despite being battered, Kaos manages to slip away from the Academy.

Spyro and Jet-Vac return to the house after their fight with Kaos resolved their indifference. As a result, Jet-Vac no longer has a reason to stay any longer. Spyro offers him to move in permanently by settling in the house's attic, with Stealth Elf and Eruptor agreeing. Suddenly, Pop Fizz appears from the basement, explaining that he has long settled in their basement without any of their knowledge.

Kaos returns to his lair claiming he has followed her mother's wishes to get a job but fails to pay rent, asking if he is allowed to continue living in their guest castle. Kaossandra only wanted Kaos to stop wasting all of his time plotting schemes of overthrowing the Skylanders, but Kaos is undeterred as he chooses to keep doing his villainy. Giving up to persuade Kaos any further, Kaossandra leaves Kaos be, returning Glumshanks as his servant again. Kaos sees that her mother has treated Glumshanks horribly, oblivious that the troll enjoyed his mother's company all day, so he proposes that Glumshanks have him clip his toe nails again.

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  • Kaossandra reveals that Kaos' Guest Castle used to be the castle's outhouse.
  • Eruptor discovers where the Team Spyro Home's bathroom is, which he did not know they even had in the prior episode.
  • Jet-Vac moves into Spyro, Stealth Elf and Eruptor's house.
  • Pop Fizz is also revealed to have been living in the basement of Spyro, Stealth Elf and Eruptor's house for some time.

Errors & Mistakes

  • A screenshot from the episode Anger Mismanagement is used instead as My Way or the Sky Way's episode image.


  • The title for this episode is a play on the idiom "My Way or the Highway", meaning a person adamant in having others follow their orders to a T.
  • Spyro says the famous Lord of the Rings phrase "You shall not pass" when he tries to fix The Machine.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Eruptor and Spyro mention Arkeyan robots and Drow Elves, though they don't make an appearance as villains in Season 1. In Missing Links however, some have made a small appearance in the nearby town doing other activities.
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