Motherly Mayhem is a stronghold in Skylanders: Swap Force where you battle Kaos' Mom.


The battle begins by her summoning evilized enemies, as soon as you defeat them, she'll hide. To find her, you need to remove the skylander for her to show up on the screen, then she fires a laser that you need to lure to the crystals to defeat her. Then she moves to the next room, the exact same thing happens again so just repeat. She then goes to the next room, which then Bubba Greebs starts attacking. When he throws a pickup, throw it at him to stun him and leave him vulnerable to attack. Repeat and once defeated, Kaos' Mom begins another laser attack then lure it to a crystal to defeat her and finish the chapter.



  • Strangely, there's a Life Spell Punk in the second room, despite not being evilized enemies.
  • The top of the tower has floating crystals forming a slightly different version of the Kaos Element symbol, and this symbol would later be same as the crystals on the Darkness' head.
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