Monstrous Isles are a series of large tropical islands home to the massive Titans in Skylanders: SuperChargers. The Skylanders come to the Monstrous Isles to claim the Eye of the Ancients that one of the Titans, Thunder Tow, has in his possession. With the power of the Kolossal Kernel, they grow to Titan-size to even the odds against their massive opponents.


Legends said that the Trolls living on the isles worship the Titans and obey their every command to the death, but they appear to have mellowed down their savagery over the years.


Chapter 34: The Last Resort

Chapter 35: Basalt Basin

  • Destroy Clam Bunkers

Chapter 36: Exclusive Shores

Chapter 37: Titanopolis

  • Destroy Sandcastles



  • Various shacks and buildings that house the Trolls in the level are made from giant sea shells, but the majority of buildings in Titanopolis are made entirely of sand.
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