Molekin Mountain is one of the levels in Skylanders: Giants. The Skylanders go to the mountain in search for The Oracle only to discover that Sunrock Village, the nearby Molekin settlement, has been overrun by "creeps" led by a Cyclops monarch, Pipsqueak.

List of Objectives

  • Rid the Village of Bad Guys

Areas to Find

Allegory Pathway

Sunrock Quarry

Titan Crossing

The Dirt Room

The Sunrock Village

  • Element: Earth

Cogwheel Housing

Sunrock Peak

Sunrock Overlook

Element: Magic

Crystalsong Mines

  • Element: Magic
    • Razor Box
      • Element: Tech

Trappe Hut

  • Element: Magic

Under Mountain Mechanogear

  • Element: Undead
    • The Mechinarium
      • Element: Tech



  • It is not the first time the inhabitants of Molekin Mountain has crossed paths with The Dread-Yacht, for they claim that it as a cursed vessel.
  • In Master Eon's guide to Skylanders: Giants, it is mistakenly referred to as Molekin Manor in the descriptions of Shadow Dukes and Slobbering Mutticuses.
  • Although he is a boss, Pipsqueak is defeated in one hit. The Shadow Duke immediately replaces him.
  • At The Mechinarium Tech area, Righty the Molekin said they taught the machines inside the area to think.
  • It is rare, but sometimes only one Slobbering Mutticus appears in the Crystalsong Mines, keeping the gate from opening. If this happens, the player will have to restart the chapter.
  • Despite being called Molekin Mountain as a whole, the only mountain traversed is known as Mountain Mechanogear.
  • The block puzzle in Under Mountain Mechanogear can be entirely skipped. The Bounce Pad can be used by Pop Fizz (with the Best of the Beast! upgrade path) to hover over and out of the puzzle. Before using the Bounce Pad, Pop Fizz must transform by drinking his purple potion, which gives him a lunge move. At the height of the bounce, Pop Fizz must use a lunge and use as many primary claw attacks as possible to retain his height. After he is over the barrier on the left, he can be carefully navigated to fall on the platform just before the Arena Battle.[1]


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