The Molekin are mole-like inhabitants of Skylands in the Skylanders series. Like real world moles, they are short-sighted. However they are highly intelligent creatures, making them very helpful and polite. Molekin are also naturally good with their paws and are known for being particularly skilled miners.[1]

As a friendly race, the Molekin only worked with good guys and turned down all work that came from villains everywhere. However a long time ago, the Molekin won a construction bid that covered a large portion of Skylands. This means that any and all construction that takes place in this area is done by them and no one else. So, against their wishes, the Molekin must accept work from anybody who requests it, be they good, or be they bad.[2]


Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Diggs, a Molekin, managed to escape from Crystal Eye Castle to the Ruins where the Skylanders discovered him behind a wall of rock. The helpful Molekin would soon assist the Skylanders during their quest to restore the Core of Light by leading them to the areas where the segments to the Eternal Earth Source were kept.

Skylanders: Giants

A group of Molekin were enslaved by Kaos's drilling machine, Drill-X, until they were freed by the Skylanders. One of the Molekin then guided the Skylanders to the direction of the Oracle where they hoped that he would know the location to the Lost City of Arkus. However they first had to free the Molekin village on Molekin Mountain from a Cyclops attack lead by a Cyclops monarch named Pipsqueak.

Notable Molekin


  • The Molekin used to have hair before they started using oil as a popular hair tonic. Unfortunately, the oil made all of their hair fall out.
  • In Giants, the majority of Molekin have names related to rocks and mining.
  • Despite having a similar name structure, Molekin are refered to with a singular collective word, while the Wilikins are refered to in plural.


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