Missing Links is the third episode in the Skylanders Academy television series.


When the Skylanders struggle to work as a team, sensei King Pen shows them how to build a new teammate that combines their talents.


The Skylanders are in a constant losing battle against a simulated Fire Viper; to the point that Master Eon has to disappointingly inform them that they hold the record for the most loses. In an effort to pass their overdue training, Master Eon summons one of his oldest allies, King Pen, who introduces them to the Creation Crystal whereby, using their imagination, they create their new Skylander teammate, Cy, a sentient creature with a banana head that possess all the individual abilities of the Skylanders. Cy will serve as the team's "missing link" as to finally overcome their grueling battle with the Fire Viper Simulation.

Kaos is having a difficult time in sketching the map of the location of the Core of Light as he is unable to clearly project his photographic memory of the map. Glumshanks strongly advises that Kaos undergo relaxation methods that he believes will enable him to illustrate the map, even though his head still feels tensed. In preparation for their upcoming attempt at the Fire Viper, the Skylanders train Cy into testing the Skylanders' powers simultaneously, but not his own powers. Meanwhile, Master Eon and King Pin work out solutions on how to maintain the secrecy of the Core of Light's location.

Afterwards, the Skylanders believe that Cy is ready to assist them in their next attempt of fighting the Fire Viper, with King Pin also as audience. However, as soon as the simulation commences, Cy uses the same abilities as with his teammates, interfering them one by one. His lack of full understanding of the Skylanders' powers gets the fight aborted. With another failed attempt, Eon and King Pin worry for the team's future performance and leads King Pin to consider disassembling Cy for his failure to resolve the team's loses.

Realization finally hits the Skylanders, as Cy's failure proves that they can't function as a team. As they retreat back to their thinking spot, Cy apologizes for being a terrible teammate as he faces being dismantled. While the team tries to dissuade him that they were the ones at fault for having trained Cy of using the Skylanders' powers, Pop Fizz warns them that a real hostile Fire Viper is approaching them. The team loses hope that they will be a match to the real Fire Viper but Pop Fizz makes the team realize what they've been doing wrong. Spyro points out that Cy needs to use his powers to his own accord along with the Skylanders' own. Cy leads the attack, and with combined strengths, the Skylanders finally defeat the Fire Viper in a team effort. Master Eon and King Pin, having witnessed the whole ordeal, passes the Skylanders and King Pin cancels plans to dismantle Cy, having fulfilled his purpose.

Through hours of relaxation, Kaos is now unable to project the location of the Core of Light. He realizes that relaxing did nothing but only worsen his problem and angrily forces Glumshanks to undergo torture; by waiting in line in the Skylands' DMV to renew his license. After seeing Glumshanks suffering, Kaos regains clear memory of the map and can now confidently illustrate the location at any time. However, Master Eon, having finalized discussion with King Pin, magically relocates the entirety of the Core of Light to another secluded site, ultimately rendering Kaos's captured map obsolete.

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Errors & Mistakes

  • This episode was originally supposed to be after Crash Landing.[1]
    • Several aspects of the episode's continuity support this, such as how Kaos temporarily lost his recording to the map to the Core of Light in the episode prior but immediately recovered it in such a short amount of time. Throughout the season, he and Glumshanks bring up several times that the Core of Light "isn't going anywhere" despite its move in this episode, and the, originally, subsequent reveal in Assault on Skylander Academy is played seriously despite being known for nearly the entire season.
    • It is currently unknown why the episode was moved in the continuity.


  • After Cy states his catchphrase, Spyro mocks the fact Cy has one, ironically making a reference to Spyro's own catchphrase from the Skylanders games - 'All Fired Up'. The same thing happens towards the end of the episode, but involving Stealth Elf and her catchphrase - 'Silent but Deadly'.
  • The Creation Crystal, including the vessel and Imaginite crystal, that was used to create Cy is shaped and greyish like the Undead Lantern Creation Crystal, though slightly more bluish in color and with no elemental icon printed on it.


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