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The Mirage Tower a challenge level in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. It is a illusionary building built by Master Eon, where the Earth Portal Master can measure their skills, which resets once a month. Every floor has a set prize that can be only earned once a month, and afterwards, that floor can be repeated for free at no reward.

This is the only PVE area where no experience or Portal Master experience is earned, and for this reason, you cannot take spectator Skylanders into it. This is also the only area that allows two teams, that can be switched after a set amount of time or after one is entirely defeated.


There are 60 floors in the tower listed as 1F-60F. Every 5 floors, there is a boss in the form of a large villain with an exclusive skill. The floors give a variety of Currency, Omni-stones, Swap Scrolls and Super Shot Stealth Elf Soul Stones, and every 10 floors, a special chest. This chest contains a variety of Potions, currency and other rewards, and every 20 floors the chest awards Upgrade Stones.



  • The Mirage Tower is a recreation of the Trial of Ascension in Summoners War: Sky Arena. However, unlike the Trial, the floors have set enemies every month.
  • This is currently the only location where several types of enemies can be found, such as Undead and Water Sheep Creeps.
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