“First thing you're gonna need are the keys. There's one for each gate buried in the rocks. Which rocks, I don't know!! Keep mining until you find one. But watch out for those horrible Rhu Barbs! Do this quickly enough, and you'll be rewarded with the luckiest of charms.”

Mining is the Key is a Heroic Challenge in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders: Giants. It is unlocked by Ignitor in Spyro's Adventure. It uses the map of Molekin Mine and requires the "luckiest of charms" to be collected in under four minutes.

The Skylander will spawn right next to a Mining Pick, which the player needs to pick up in order to destroy the rocks and find the key in each section of the Challenge. Earth Skylanders do not need to pick it up, and they can use their attacks to break down rocks instead; Drill Sergeant is also an exception. It is impossible to determine which rock the key is buried in until the correct rock is destroyed; when the key is found, all other rocks may be ignored and the Skylander may proceed to the next section. To avoid losing time, destroying any rocks immediately as they are seen is recommended, as well as defeating any enemies that interfere with this.

In the last section of the Challenge, the final gate must be opened with two keys instead of one; there is one key to each side of the door, but their locations on each side are still unknown until the correct rocks are broken down. When the two keys are found and the final gate is opened, an Undead Spell Punk on the other side of the gate, who is holding the "luckiest of charms", must be defeated. The charm may then be collected outside the gate to complete the Challenge.



  • Opening the final gate and defeating the Undead Spell Punk behind it may not be done in that exact order, and the Challenge may still be completed regardless. For example, if Flameslinger used his Volley Shot to launch arrows over the gate, the Undead Spell Punk could potentially be defeated. After that, the final gate may be opened with two keys, and the luckiest of charms will appear instantly for the Skylander to collect. This has not been proven to be a faster or more efficient method to completing the challenge, but it may eliminate unwanted conflict with the Undead Spell Punk.
  • In Cali's dialogue before the start of the Challenge, Rhu-Barbs is spelled "Rhu Barbs", without a hyphen.

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