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Mind Magic is an ancient power in Skylanders: Imaginators. Long ago, the Ancients used Mind Magic to create everything in Skylands, conjuring anything that they could imagine into existence. However, they soon learned that in the wrong hands, it could be very dangerous, and so they sealed the Mind Magic away so that it could never be misused. After discovering this ancient secret, Kaos has unleashed the power of Mind Magic into Skylands once again - and he is using it to create an unstoppable army of Doomlanders, the likes of which have never been seen! Ideas left behind each creation become fragments of Imaginite which is then used to help create Imaginators.

Mind Magic can also be found in other dimensions, and the creation of the Distorted Dimensions and Runes created a dangerous source of them for villains.


Mind Magic allows the user to do anything they want, as long as they have the imagination to do so. The more "brain juice" the user has, the more powerful their Mind Magic is. It can be used to alter reality, bring the user's imagination to life, and use mind control. Advanced users like the Ancients are able to create entire worlds with Mind Magic. It is shown that if a user of Mind Magic combines their power with another user, their Mind Magic will become significantly more powerful.

Oddly, in many Sensei Elemental Realms, Mind Magic is shown to have more mundane purposes, such as powering machinery and telekinesis.