“Welcome racers to the Middle of Snowhere, which is both chillingly cold and hopelessly lost. In fact... I don't even know where I am. Meanwhile, watch yourselves! That Frosthound in the middle of the track is not making things easy.”

The Middle of Snowhere is the fourth sea race track in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing. The track is a giant race down an icy mountain which is currently being used by a Frosthound that is having a bath. The track takes elements from the level Frostfest Mountains.

The track is long and twisty, constantly winding back on itself several times as you head down the mountain. When you reach the bottom, the Frosthound will be creating waves that drivers can use to perform stunts and get boosts from.

Event Challenges

  • Marvelous Tour
    • Race
  • Splendiferous Tour
  • Nefarious Tour
    • Mirror Race


  • It is likely that this track is the 3DS counterpart to Frozen Fossil Festival, since they are both icy races downhill.
  • Even though it is classified as the fourth sea track, in adventure mode it comes before Octoasis which is the third sea track.
    • This trait is shared with Cactus Canyon, comes before Frosty Volcano for the sky tracks.
    • Strangely, both of these mix-ups occur in the same respective tours: the Spectacular Tour for the sky tracks and the Marvelous Tour for the sea tracks.
  • In the Nefarious Tour, it is final mirror race of the tour. This makes it the only final mirror race that is not the final track of its terrain type in the main adventure.
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