Metal Mage is a scrapped Skylander, turned single use enemy, in Skylanders: Trap Team. He is a wizard Troll with an Air themed headress and metal staves, with the ability to create barriers around its allies, and like Broccoli Guys and Rage Mages, holds treasure over his head.

Character Development

Vimeo demo reels and Skylanders: Giants behind-the-scenes footage were the only hints that this character had a bigger role for some time, until Nat Loh's character design portfolio had more details. Though they first started as inspired by Boomer, the developer recieved the concept art for Rocky Roll instead and worked Metal Mage's abilities into them.

His abilities involved creating metal balls that he could combine into various weapons such as a giant metal hammer or a metal battling ram.[1]

In the final game of Trap Team, Metal Mage appears only once, in Mystic Mill, to briefly provide support for the Evilikins in one of the gates.


  • Had Metal Mage actually been playable, he would've been the first character with metal abilities not in Tech.
  • He would have also been the second troll to be a Skylander.
  • Though he carries a dagger, he's incapable of attacking with it in his enemy form, not is it mentioned in the development info for Rocky Roll.
  • He has the same red skin as troll Nightmare Villains, though he doesn't wear any purple or red outfits. Unlike every other Troll, he also doesn't have an apparent nose.


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