“I'm the one who pulls your strings!”

Mesmeralda is an evil, spider-like puppeteer in Skylanders: Swap Force. She was enlisted by Kaos' Mom to stop the Skylanders atop the Frostfest Mountains and capture the Frosthound.


As an evil puppeteer, Mesmeralda can conjure bombs and moving scythes in clown-like attire. She can manipulate her Puppet Chorus to attack her foes in a zigzag-like pattern. She can also conjure a large pair of her hands in close or far places, they are even strong enough to restrain the Frosthound. She is capable of creating puppets out of thin air, and she was shown to have telekinesis in one cutscene, as she was capable of levitating several plates of food. In the Skylanders mini comic, Biting Back, it is shown she could create voodoo puppets which control the mind and movements of whoever the puppet is based off of.

Racing Stats

Mesmeralda appears in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing as an unlockable racer. She, along with her vehicle the Wave Singer, are unlocked through progressing through the Nefarious Tour.

As a racer-vehicle combo, Mesmeralda boasts the best Top Speed of all the Sea Racing Action Pack villains. Her Acceleration is also great, as is her Armour. She is let down by her decent Handling and sub-par Firepower. Her stat combination makes her ideal for high-speed races and time trials.

  • Top Speed: 40
  • Acceleration: 30
  • Handling: 25
  • Firepower: 20
  • Armor: 35


Skylanders: Swap Force

Mesmeralda first appeared as one of the guests Kaos' Mom brought with her to Kaos' Kastle. She was later tasked with capturing the Ancient Frosthound atop the Frostfest Mountains and deal with the Skylanders. The evil puppeteer made her grand entrance to the Skylander atop the mountain and proceeded to do battle with them, though thinking the fight is a stage performance with herself as the star. Despite the attacks of her Puppet Chorus and other hazards, the Skylanders eventually bested Mesmeralda in her own show.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

In Skylanders: SuperChargers and SuperChargers Racing, she does not appear in the main story, but is a playable villain racer that is captured via Boss Pursuit. Her vehicle is the Wave Singer.

Biting Back

During the Undead Derby Tournament, Mesmeralda replaced the tournament's host and took their place as announcer. When it was discovered she was responsible for the strange behavior Roller Brawl's brothers were showing, Mesmeralda dramatically explained that through her puppetry, Kaos forced Roller Brawl's brothers into a life of mindless servitude to get revenge on Roller Brawl for not returning his affections. Both Roller Brawl and Spyro then tracked down Kaos, Glumshanks, and a group of trolls that playing with the puppets used to control Roller Brawl's brothers, driving the villains off and freeing the brothers.


  • "Be prepared for the show of your pathetic little lives!" - When selected in Racing
  • "Dream on, Skylander, dream on!"
  • "You thought you had a chance!"

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  • She is the second villain in the Skylanders series who sings during battle (the first being Drill-X, though Chompy Mage insists on being a singer and is always interrupted).
  • The full version of Mesmeralda's song 'Pull Your Strings' is available on iTunes in the Skylanders: Swap Force official soundtrack.
  • Mesmeralda is apparently a well-known puppeteer, according to a residential yeti in the Frostfest Mountains.
  • She is voiced by Grey DeLisle, who also voices the Fire Skylander Smolderdash, as well as the current actress for Daphne Blake, starting with What's New Scooby-Doo?
  • She bears a resemblance to Fayemelina from Monster Legends.
  • In the Strata artbook for Swap Force, it is shown that Mesmeralda's lower body was originally designed like a centipede's. It's possible her legless appearance comes from removing the threatening-looking centipede lower half and not replacing it, as she looked identical otherwise in concept art.
    • The centipede half was also covered in Petrified Darkness and some arena props had them as well, indicating that in an early version she was an Evilized singer.
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