The Mechanical Worm is a large, clockwork monstrosity created by Count Moneybone in the 3DS version of Skylanders: Swap Force. It was built to collect Crystaluminium from the Prospector's mines to power Moneybone's clockwork army, but in the process terrorized the Crystal Caverns.

The Skylanders pursued the Mechanical Worm through the town of Shimmer Shard Shire, and later through the Crystal Caverns. During the chase, the Skylanders were devoured by the worm and discovered its crystal core that served as its power source. As soon as they destroyed the crystal core, the Skylanders made their escape as the Mechanical Worm malfunctioned and exploded.


  • The Mechanical Worm is very similar to the Fire Viper in the console versions. Both are snakelike creatures acting on behalf of their masters to manipulate crystals and harass the Skylander throughout their levels, and must be defeated from the inside.
  • Despite being called a worm, it has a head resembling a snake, with eyes and mechanical teeth.
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