Mechana-Trolls are robotic Trolls in the Skylanders Academy TV show. Apparently lacking AI, these robots are used by the Skylanders for training in their Skylander Games arena.


Season 1

The Mechana-Trolls were used for the graduation test in Skylanders Unite!, used along with automatic ice projectiles. Though Eruptor, Stealth Elf and Bad Breath dealt with them efficiently and graduated, Hex just barely defeated them and failed the test, while Spyro also failed by getting attacked on the back just as he thought he had won.

Season 2

During the Tech virus spread by a mysterious dark force in It Techs Two, the Mechana-Trolls went haywire and turned against their owners, attacking the Academy. Unable to be stopped even by Sprocket because of their numbers, they nearly overrun the school, until she and Jet-Vac discovered that his magical eggs could destroy them instantly.


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