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This article is about the character within the Skylanders Academy continuity. You may be looking for the one canon to the main storyline.

“There are dark forces afoot, old friend. I feel we must put even greater protections in place than usual. ~ When your beard is getting weird, beard spray, for men...!~”
    —Master Eon, Beard Science

Master Eon is one of the main characters of the spin-off series, Skylanders Academy. He is the Headmaster of Skylanders Academy.



Eon is wise and usually the voice of reason for his students, but is not without his moments of anger and goofiness. He is also incredibly protective of his magical beard and treats it like another being entirely, using spray on it frequently and believing shaving would be the ultimate sacrifice, unable to bring himself to harm it. Despite his vanity, though, he puts the safety of his allies above his own, even at great costs.

Though he will usually keep few secrets between his allies and help them with their emotional issues, he makes an exception for any subject involving Strykore and his victims, to the point of acting hostile and straight-faced lying towards his own allies should they attempt to discover anything about it; and though he is well meaning, his defensiveness causes more harm than good to his relationships.

By the end of Season 2, he became more open to his comrades having learned that trying to run from shame only made things worse and became determined to atone for his mistakes.


Possessor of mystical knowledge and prophecies, protector of the Core of Light, wearer of the most glorious beard in all of Skylands — Master Eon’s got it all. As headmaster of Skylanders Academy, this wise wizard is the guide and mentor to every hero that’s ever passed through its sacred halls. He’s just as good at doling out thoughtful advice to his students as he is at summoning incredible magical powers. He makes the tough decisions and will do whatever it takes to keep Darkness from ever invading Skylands again!


Unlike his main canon counterpart, Master Eon is not a Portal Master, but is as capable as his Skylanders because of his powerful Light spells and magical beard. His magical spells have included energy blasts, telekinesis, and conjuring Rifts. His beard is also his weapon of choice for physical fights, combining its shapeshifting abilities with quick movements for signature martial art moves - it can be also used for mundane purposes, such as holding objects. His beard can also sense evil nearby, and create forcefields.

Though he is unaware of this, his beard's magic is also partially because of his own belief in it, and because of his idea that he is "invisible" without the facial hair, its disappearance in Beard Science warps reality into him becoming unimportant to others.[1]

Like his canon counterpart, he is also able to telepathically communicate with others and project his head on an area to assign Skylanders to missions. He can also combine his light magic with dark magic to perform more powerful and complicated spells, however, some of the darkest relics such as the Book of Dark Magic can infect him with their evil intent if he channels their power. He can also cast magic of such power by tapping into spells beyond his control, but as a result they can act on their own, such as sending his targets to a random dimension.



Long ago, Eon, along with his twin brother Strykore and their friend Kaossandra, were studying the magic arts. Over the years, Strykore grew arrogant and greedy, seeking to find an easy way to become all-powerful. Eventually Strykore's quest for power corrupted him, and Eon was forced to fight against his brother, kickstarting the Great War.

S1E9 Eon and First Skylanders.jpg

Before the events of the Great War, Master Eon was the guardian of the dragons that protected the Core of Light from harm, fighting monsters and villains alongside them. However, Strykore's ever increasing power corrupted the dragons by siphoning their light, turning them against the very thing they were ordered to protect. Desperate, Eon used spells out of his control to seal them away, sending every single one of them to an unknown realm. Strykore was eventually stopped by Master Eon, but Eon was unable to bring himself to destroy his own brother. Instead, Kaossandra sealed Strykore inside the Book of Dark Magic with Eon's help at the cost of her goodness.

After the horrible losses in the War, Eon built the Isle of the Citadel in solitude and placed the Core of Light in the hidden isle, and attempted to plan what to do next to protect Skylands from evil. Sometime after, Eon was powerless to stop a group of villains from spreading havoc across Skylands, and he then vowed not to leave the fate of Skylands to just one wizard alone. Eon decided to start a school called Skylanders Academy where he would train heroic creatures to become Skylanders, protectors of the realm, to help him stop evil from spreading. The longer Eon's beard grew, the larger the Academy became.

Season 1

Master Eon discovered a baby Spyro defeating three evil Greebles in the Falling Forest. He adopted and raised the young dragon as his own, believing that Spyro was destined for greatness. The old wizard would realize too late that his constant praise on Spyro's talents over the years caused Spyro to become very prideful, egotistical and gain a disregard for fire safety - as well as other kinds of safety. In response to Spyro's barely passing grades at Skylanders Academy, Master Eon talked with Spyro privately in the hidden Relics Room within the school. The old wizard pointed out to Spyro that he needs to put his over-inflated ego aside and his efforts in school would not be enough for him to pass the final test at the Skylander Games and be registered in the Book of Skylanders. Spyro, however, was confident that he would ace the Games and become a Skylander.

The next day, Eon hosted the Skylander Games to a large crowd, and though most of the fourth-year cadets arrived, Spyro was absent. With a disappointed remark, the wizard started to announce each round of the Games for each cadet. Spyro arriving at the very last second of the event only angered him further, and the dragon's poor performance resulted in his failure of the test, and Master Eon left with a short, frustrated lecture along with the other cadets and the crowd.

Skylanders Eon.png

The next day, due to contractual obligations, the wizard hosted the graduation cerimony to another crowd for Stealth Elf, Eruptor and Bad Breath, having his assistant Hugo retrieve the Book of Skylanders for him.  After the brief interruption of Spyro's misguided attempt to congratulate his friends, Eon drew the newly graduated Skylanders into the magical tome, and returned it to Hugo for it to be resealed in the vault again. To the group's surprise however, Kaos and Glumshanks suddenly ambushed the Mabu, stealing the book as he fled. The headmaster was quick to direct the Skylanders into action, but because of his own oversight, Kaos ignored their attacks and froze the book, immobilizing every Skylander and Eon as well.

Hearing the commotion from the crowd, Spyro returned and attempted to stop the evil sorcerer, but despite his efforts he was incapacitated and trapped in a bubble of dark magic. When things took a turn for the worse as Kaos broke off Master Eon's frozen beard, the wizard took emergency measures and contacted the dragon through telepathy in an attempt to wake him up from the bubble by calling him a Skylander. The encouragement was successful and, though Spyro was unable to stop the villains in the Relics Room, he defrosted the Book of Skylanders and allowed the rest to drive them out of the Academy.

When the young dragon regained his senses, Master Eon congratulated him on his self-sacrifice, and explained that, because of his selflessness, the headmaster was right in calling him a Skylander, and graduated him on the spot. Though his poor drawing of Spyro left the graduates disappointed, Hugo advised them to not point it out as he would fix them later, and Master Eon left the room asking them to not throw a party.

Eon talks with Jet-Vac.png

In My Way or the Sky Way, Eon assigned the new Skylanders and the professors Jet-Vac and Pop Fizz their first mission since the graduation party - fixing the basement pipes - and later on a mission to save the Falling Forest from burning down. Discovering Jet-Vac's overplanning was leading to issues, Master Eon called him to Uncle Merle's to discuss his attitude. With a small demonstration of recklessness to remind Jet-Vac about the benefits of doing things with little planning, he got his point through to the Sky Baron, and vowed to never return to the restaurant for reasons unknown.

In Missing Links, Master Eon and Hugo oversaw the newly formed Team Spyro's Fire Viper Training Simulation, and their multiple failures. After they went as far as to set a record for failed attempts, Master Eon called the Sensei King Pen to assist them in their teamwork issues, as well as to help relocate the Core of Light as Kaos revealed to the Skylanders that he was seeking it out. Even with the help of the Imaginator Cy, Team Spyro failed yet again, and Master Eon threatened to disband the team for their inability to work together. However, when he and King Pen witnessed the group defeat a real Fire Viper on the Thinking Spot, the wizard was glad that they could figure out their problems in time, and afterwards used the basement pipes to relocate the Isle of the Citadel to a new area.

In Dream Girls, Master Eon presented Team Spyro's performance in an obstacle course to various cadets and Chill, and impressed with Stealth Elf's dedication in such simple training, appointed her for the next Skills, Defense and Elements Talk. When her fight with Dreamcatcher caused her to be late to the talk, however, the headmaster encouraged her teammates to distract the crowd until she arrived. After she defeated the villain and finished her talk, the ninja revealed Dreamcatcher's misdeeds, and Eon expelled the villainous cadet on the spot.

In Space Invaders, he took Team Spyro to the Falling Forest for a team bonding excercise, doubling as a night of camping. However, halfway through the excercise, Master Eon left his teammate Stealth Elf to look for firewood, using marshmallows to mark a trail. Nearby sheep ended up eating the marshmallows causing him to take much longer to return, and when he did, he returned to a destroyed camp and, as far as the rest of Team Spyro's knowledge, Stealth Elf's destruction.

Mourning, Master Eon returned to the Academy Library with them to preserve her ninja blades as a memento, and tried to calm the heroes in such a difficult time. Believing it to be his fault for leaving her alone, Master Eon swore to shave his beard as punishment and left ignoring the others' protests. However, while he was away, Stealth Elf returned controlling Kaos from his mental realm, and was able to free herself with the other Skylanders' help. The wizard returned, not to the others' surprise, unwilling to actually shave, but quickly changed the subject to congratulating the elf ninja's return and joining in a team hug.

In Anger Mismanagement, Master Eon attempted to lecture Eruptor on the necessity of balancing anger and tranquility, while driving out shady beard product salesmen from the Academy courtyard. Seeing that the lava monster didn't understand, the wizard left him in therapy with Hugo for the month preceding the annual Chilli Chomp Competition in hopes that he would learn to control his emotions. In the day of the competition, Eon welcomed the crowd that came for the free food, and revealed that their new sponsor was the We're Not the Bad Guys Company, actually Kaos and Chef Pepper Jack in disguise, but assumed the name was to enhance the chili's appeal and didn't suspect a thing. When the competition started, Eon was hesitant to try out the secretly tampered chilli, but the disguised Kaos offered him a bowl anyway so the food would affect all on the competition. Eventually its effects took place, giving everyone including the wizard painful indigestion, strong enough that they were unable to walk out of the island as Pepper Jack and Kaos revealed themselves and ran to the Library to plant burrito bombs.

S1E7 Chef Pepper Jack Eon.jpg

Barely able to crawl on the ground, Eon discovered the true effects of the chilli when he accidentally turned the main cauldron, burning a giant hole in the ground; in horror, he could only discuss with Stealth Elf and Spyro that the competition, and their time as Skylanders, might not last. Eruptor, who avoided the chili because of his therapy, eventually returned and discovered the evil plan, but was in less than a hurry to stop the villains as the others caused him to step away. When he tripped and fell into the island's hole, Eon used the last of his strength to beg Eruptor to channel his rage and stop the villain before they were destroyed, and with the help of Pop Fizz and the rest of Team Spyro, the lava monster was angered enough to propel himself to the Library with ease and stop the bombs from exploding.

Once the others recovered enough to walk again, Eon led them to the room and only found the molten results of Eruptor eating the bombs. However, to their relief, the Skylander quickly reformed from the damage, and the group celebrated his newfound control as he found himself calm despite the previous outburst. With Hugo announcing the end of his therapy, the group was ready to call it a day, until Pop Fizz ate some of the leftover chilli; disappointed, the wizard and the others could only watch as he immediately relapsed becase of the mistake.

In Pop Rocks, Master Eon hosted the Skylands Music Festival on the Skylander Games arena, as well as working as the announcer. Though for most of the episode he solely points out the newest discovery of tampered food in the event, much to Hugo's dismay, he rejoins the group once Wolfgang was dealt with to congratulate them, as well as to save Spyro from being thrown out by Ka-Boom. Curious, the group accepted to stay and listen to Pop Fizz's solo at the end of the show, only to find out that the professor was incredibly tone deaf and no longer remembered how to play the tuba. Without hesitation, Jet-Vac offered earplugs, so they could still watch their teammate even after the crowd left in disappointment.

S1E9 Hex Roller Brawl Wind-Up and Eon 1.jpg

The episode Beard Science was the first one to focus on the wizard. He starts with an attempt to give a grooming lesson to the cadets Wind-Up, Roller Brawl and Hex (and Skull by extension) in the Academy gardens, but before he can start the lecture, his beard suddenly picks up evil nearby. Despite Skull's complaining, the orders the cadets to follow him, and they discover Broccoli Guy in the main classroom attempting to sneak in pungent broccoli under the tables. Before the Doom Raider can fight back, however, Eon summons the power of his beard, and beats the villain into submission. With Hex's compliment that his ability shows why Eon is the leader of the Skylanders, the wizard takes the opportunity to explain to the four that they each have something unique and special about themselves to draw strength from. Though the inexperienced cadets point out characteristics that have little to do with heroic prowess or their personality, Master Eon decides to humor them anyway.

Later on, he arrived in the Library and caught a glimpse of Team Spyro attempting to defuse a test bomb, but their compliments on his earlier fight quickly changed the subject. Now that the Skylanders knew about his beard's magical abilities, Eon demonstrated a series of martial arts moves with it to prove its usefulness, and explained the circumstances that made him create Skylanders Academy; as his beard grew during its construction, the others suggested that his beard was the mascot of the school, much to his amusement.

Unknown to him, however, Kaos was having an opposite experience during the day, being mocked for his baldness. Growing frustrated as the day went on, the sorcerer sought out a spell to gain perfect hair, but its effects were much more malicious than he knew. Overnight, the spell actually stole Eon's beard whole, placing it on Kaos upside-down, much to the wizard's horror in the next morning.

Master Eon screaming at the loss of his beard.png

Desperate, Master Eon returned to the Library to warn them and order them to investigate, discovering Team Spyro quickly going through the armory's stock of bombs. Ignored entirely, he changed his plan to have Hugo write for the Academy crew, and though Mabu only barely called the group to gather at the main classroom, they all left immediately as their recollection of Eon's importance faded, and by the time he arrived to issue the warning, only Bad Breath was left, as uninterested as the others. As he passed through the Academy in a final attempt to reach out to Team Spyro, he almost caught the attention of Wind-Up, Hex and Roller Brawl, but Skull was too involved in their attempts to discover their unique abilities and they left before they noticed anything was happening.

Returning to an increasingly dangerous bomb defusing attempt at the Library, Eon resorted to yelling and attempting to fake a beard to get the attention of his core Skylanders, but to them, he was entirely invisible. Losing hope, he assumed that his beard was the only thing keeping the Academy together, and left, passing through his cadets who no longer remembered he ever existed. Wandering through nearby islands, he found himself in a similar spot to Kaos in the previous day, as even the sheep despised his presence. However, by sheer coincidence, Kaos, Glumshanks and the Golden Queen were nearby, as the sorcerer used his newfound influence to serve his crush a picnic, and their paths crossed when a depressed Eon slumped in their food cart.

Master Eon Kaos struggle.png

Just as Glumshanks warned his master of a possible confrontation, Master Eon caught sight of his beard atop the villain's head, and immediately assaulted him with magical spells and martial arts. The struggle caused the beard to detach, and though the two were on par with their desperate attempts to grab it, it landed on the nearby tree as they resorted to physical fighting, and Eon used his greater height to leap and regain it, along with his powers. Though the Golden Queen, Kaos and Glumshanks attempted to fight for it three-on-one, the headmaster recognized he was outnumbered, and used a smoke spell to escape and return to the Academy.

Returning to his rightful place as the leader of the Skylanders, Eon entered the Library once again and called Team Spyro, nearly sitting on Hugo as he was keeping his chair warm. To the group, he had disappeared all day, and after a quick explanation and much gloating, he asked them politely to leave - though not before calling out Jet-Vac on their reckless bomb defusing, even as the Sky Baron pretended to not have done it during the day. Seeing that his beard was as threatened as his heroes and the school, he covered it in beard spray, glad to have it back.

S1E10 Master Eon.jpg

In The Skylands Are Falling!, Eon assigned Team Spyro to protect his newest beard statue from a group of unseen villains. Much later, after their failure drove Pop Fizz to build the Evil-Scope, he and the group gloated about their newfound free time as they had arrested a lot of villains ahead of their criminal acts. With Spyro taking over the job of taking out villains with the scope, the ones that were still free eventually started to lay low to avoid the Skylanders entirely, and Eon went as far as using the group solely to eat a large breakfast after days without any real hero work. However, their hobbies were short lived, as their preemptive strikes created an imbalance of good and evil in Skylands. The imbalance manifested as a giant mass of darkness that started to shatter the islands and cause storms and dangerous winds throughout the land, and with Eon and the other Skylanders running out of options to stop it, Spyro was the only one that could traverse the winds and reach it. Only able to see him through the Evil-Scope, the group helplessly witnessed him being consumed by the imbalance, and were sure of the incoming apocalypse.

With the rest of the Academy evacuating or hiding as best they could, Hugo ran to Eon and the others in the Library with survival kits in an attempt to escape. To the Skylanders' surprise, the kits had mostly items related to Eon, and before the Mabu could explain, the wizard turned on one of the self-help audiobooks in the kits and faced the storm; despite Hugo's protests, he was willing to go down with the Academy, and unknowingly dragged his assistant into staying as well. At the realm's darkest hour, they could only wait for the school to be torn apart, but thanks to Spyro's efforts, the mass was destroyed and balance was restored at the last moment.

Spyro was thrown back to the building along with the wave of evil that swept Skylands, and Eon and the others were grateful to see him again despite his apparent demise. The dragon explained the origins of the mass of darkness, as the usage of the Evil-Scope caused the imbalance of suppressed evil, and to the group's surprise, Eon knew that would be a side effect all along, but was too distracted by their new hobbies to warn anyone about it. But just as he quickly dismissed their complaints, Stealth Elf took notice of someone else on the room, and the group discovered Crash Bandicoot on a pile of sheep, and quickly accepted his request to return home.

S1E11 Eon.jpg

Immediately after, Eon suggested that the evil imbalance brought him from another dimension, and attempted to open an interdimensional rift to return him to the Wumpa Islands. However, though he disappeared for long enough for the group to compliment him, his power was not enough to take Crash out of Skylands and the bandicoot soon returned. The wizard assigned Team Spyro to search for a dark relic in the Falling Forest, so that he could combine light and dark magic for a stronger rift, and without hesitating the marsupial joined them. After an encounter with Kaos, the group returned to the Academy with the Book of Dark Magic, much to Master Eon's surprise. Intrigued by its sudden reappearance after the Great War, he lifted the curse that prevented it from being opened and created a powerful interdimensional rift, sending Crash back to his home dimension, but collapsed soon after closing it, weakened by the book's dark power. Despite the effect, however, Master Eon was adamant to research it for reasons unknown, unaware that the tome would only worsen his condition.

As he studied, he was slowly corrupted with visible effects, and this came to a head in Assault on Skylander Academy, where he was no longer capable of looking at it for more than a few seconds before losing consciousness. Despite Hugo's efforts to combat the growing darkness with food and immunity shots, Eon's condition appeared irreversible, and Team Spyro could only arrive to help when he had already fainted once again. Between his diminishing moments of consciousness, Eon advised Hugo to tell them to gain a Light cure in the Isle of the Citadel, home of the Core of Light, to reverse the corruption before it was too late, and the Skylanders set off at once using elemental teleporters.

Eon inflicted by a dark illness

With the Core Skylander team away, only Hugo could keep an eye on his bedridden boss, however, the darkness started to take over his mind and caused him to randomly attack the Mabu when awake. Fearing for the Academy staff's safety, he ordered the Library to be closed and the school to be put on high alert, and locked himself inside the Relics Room. However, at the same time, the Academy was attacked by the villains seeking the Book of Dark Magic, from the Doom Raiders to Kaos and Kaossandra, and they infiltrated the Library with little effort due to Kaos' empowered magic.

Kaossandra destroyed the entrance to the vault with her own power, and Kaos took the time to mock the wizard over his impending doom; however, when he attempted to record the map to the Core of Light a second time, the wizard announced that the map was useless and Kaos would never find its new location, though the Doom Raiders were more interested in the other riches still left in the room. While the other villains occupied themselves with stealing and uncovering the Relics Room's secrets, Kaossandra berated Master Eon for using the dark tome, and he barely could explain the made the sacrifice for a friend. Behind their backs, however, the Golden Queen found the book and tried to take it for herself, and Kaossandra responded by using a powerful dark spell, which caused the villains to escape empty handed in a hurry.

Even without the ability to walk, however, Eon took advantage of the confusion to grab the Book of Dark Magic again, and crawled out of the vault just as Team Spyro returned with the cure. The Core's magic worked instantly and Eon returned to his full vigor and power, and the team as a whole celebrated, with Hugo finally being able to bring his boss the proper food to keep the darkness from returning. However, the matter of the book still had to be dealt with, and without the knowledge of the Skylanders, Master Eon met Kaossandra in the Falling Forest; knowing the danger the Book of Dark Magic put the Skylanders on, he knew it was safer in her care, and returned it with few words.

Season 2

After Team Spyro was interviewed by Claire of Sky13 Action News, Master Eon's podium was stolen by an unknown criminal and he enlisted the Skylanders to find the culprit. When Spyro was causing disruptions around the Academy in his attempt to find his special superpower, Eon called the young dragon to the Library and scolded him for his behavior, forbidding him from participating in the mission until he calmed down. Spyro would later disobey Eon's orders and find the podium thief, Bomb Shell, on his own on a island. The headmaster was relieved that his podium, "Edgar Allen Podium", and Spyro were returned safely to the Academy. Upon discovering his impenetrable scales superpower, Spyro became eager to learn more about his ancestors, something which the old wizard knew would come and secretly prepared to make measures to keep certain secrets "secret".

S2E3 Team Spyro.jpg

In Return to Cynder, Master Eon introduced Team Spyro to a new potential cadet named Cynder, who came to Skylanders Academy to become a Skylander. He left Cynder under Spyro's tutelage to help her study for her Admissions Test. When Cynder left the Academy during a mission against a family of Greebles, Master Eon was shocked to learn from Team Spyro that Cynder was the daughter of the evil Dragon King Malefor, one of the most fearsome and powerful villains in Skylands. Spyro then realized that his talk to Cynder of good and bad had a hand in dissuading her that she can never be good.  Master Eon lifted Spyro's spirits by pointing out that dragons and their power are tied to their emotions and that they must always keep their emotions in check. He then tasked his Skylanders to retrieve Cynder before she was lost to Malefor's thrall.

After Cynder was returned safely to the Academy, he oversaw her Admissions Test and was proud that she passed. As Cynder was being guided to cadet housing, Spyro told Eon that Malefor claimed that the young dragon was the last of his dragonkind and asked his master if this was true. Eon reassured Spyro not to believe Malefor's lies, but in turn felt disheartened for lying to Spyro afterwards.

In One Flu Over the Skylander's Nest, Eon and Team Spyro ended up quarantined at their house due to an illness Eon was inflicted with. Despite attempts to avoid their headmaster, Team Spyro ended up being infected with the illness as well. Spyro tried to get Eon to tell him about his dragonkind, but Eon shut him out resulting in an argument that lead to a duel at the front lawn. In spite of the illness slowing them down, Master Eon had Spyro restrained and angerly forced him to accept defeat and the young dragon promised not to bug his headmaster about his ancestors again.

Spyro turns his back on Eon.

After saving the Skylands in It Techs Two, Eon requested Spyro for a private talk, but the young dragon scolded his headmaster for not telling him about his ancestors and for lying to everyone about knowing who Strykore was. When Spyro threatened to leave the Skylanders out of distrust, Eon finally gave in and told Spyro everything about his ancestors in the Relics Room. He showed Spyro the fossil he had Hugo recovered which resembled his tail and explained that long ago, Spyro's dragonkind were the powerful protectors of the Core of Light and Master Eon served as their guardian. During the Great War, Strykore rose to power, wielding tremendous dark magic, and converted Spyro's family into his evil minions in an attempt to destroy the Core of Light for his ultimate goal of ruling the Skylands.

Master Eon was forced to make a terrible decision: by using all of his powers, he had banished all of the Spyro's family to an unknown realm to protect the Core of Light, although whether they are alive or not is uncertain. He tried to apologize to Spyro, but the young dragon refused to forgive him and ran away, breaking his ties with Eon.

In Touch of Evil, Master Eon's beard detected Spyro in mortal danger and he discovered that the young dragon was held captive by the evil dragon king Malefor. The headmaster revealed to Team Spyro that he told Spyro everything he wanted to know about his ancestors, which what drove the dragon to approach Malefor and ended up getting captured. Stealth Elf reassured Eon that everyone makes mistakes, even him, and that their main priority now was to get Spyro home. With Cynder accompanying them to the underworld, they ambushed Malefor in an effort to rescue Spyro. However Malefor tricked Cynder by feigning repentance, allowing the dragon king to kidnap her and leave Team Spyro behind. With Cynder taken and Spyro nowhere to be found, the Skylanders and Eon were approached by Kaossandra and the Hydra, who had escaped their castle after Strykore was released from his prison.

Master Eon then announced to everyone present to take part in their greatest mission against the threats of Strykore, Kaos and Malefor. Before they began, Eon decided to no longer make the same mistake he did to Spyro and revealed everything in order to gain the trust of his allies. First and foremost, he began by removing his helmet and everyone in the Academy was shocked when his forehead revealed he bore the same mark as Kaos does.

Season 3

In Power Struggle, Eon explained to the other cadets and Skylanders his past with Strykore and blamed himself for Spyro's disappearance saying that he should've told him the truth about his ancestors long ago, which lead him to confront Malefor and Cynder getting kidnapped. Although Team Spyro was reluctant, Eon had Kaossandra join the team while he continued searching for signs of Spyro.

S3E3 DarkSpyro Eon Kaossandra RelicsRoom.jpg

In The Truth is in Here, he believed Dark Spyro's lies about his new appearance and was very happy he was back. While Dark Spyro infected Eon's cellphone with an app to brainwash him, Eon, oblivious to his intentions, once more apologized for lying to him about his ancestors and promised to help him bring them back, although the dark dragon tried to assure him it's not an issue anymore.

Master Eon and Kaossandra were in a heated argument over their opposing views of Kaos in Sky Hard when Dark Spyro came into the Relics Room. They both force the dragon to act as their mediator to settle their dispute, and Dark Spyro responded by doing hypnotherapy on Eon and Kaossandra, who are unaware of the dragon's true intentions of hypnotizing them. While under their hypnotic state, Eon and Kaossandra were put under Dark Spyro's command, and was told to bring him the Map to Arkus. However, both are unable to bring him the exact item, frustrating Dark Spyro.

While Kaossandra was dismissed to sleep, Dark Spyro prodded Master Eon one last time for the map, and Eon finally understood his request. Despite King Pen's ancestry of other Senseis who did not bestow Eon the information of the location of the map, Master Eon strongly believed that the map would likely be hidden by the Academy's secret vault, where passage is only granted if his favorite nursery rhyme, Little Miss Muffet, is recited. Before Eon can recite with the rhyme, Dark Spyro accidentally says the word “sheep", one of the trigger words, and hypnotized Eon into acting like a sheep. Eventually Kaossandra and Master Eon revert to normal as their hypnosis wore off, but have no memory of what happened.

When it seemed the hypnotherapy worked, Team Spyro arrived with news of Kaos breaking the Doom Raiders out of jail to form his pirate crew. The news unfortunately reignited the argument between Kaossandra and Master Eon over Kaos.

In Split, Eon was informed of Dark Spyro's allegiance to Strykore and was unable to find anything to cure Spyro of his darkness. Fortunately Hugo found a recipe for a serum that can save Spyro, but it would require Fire Viper venom. After finishing the serum, Dark Spyro continued to insult the Skylanders, preferring mustaches over beards, and wanting to see everyone bow down before Strykore. Having had enough, Eon had Pop Fizz administer the serum to Spyro, which purified the dragon and everyone was overjoyed to have their friend back. The reunion was cut short as the serum also caused Dark Spyro to take on a physical form as a clone and Spyro engaged his darkness in battle. In the end, Dark Spyro is destroyed and everyone forgave Spyro for what he did while under Strykore's control.



Master Eon raised Spyro after finding the dragon as a hatchling. Over the years, he nurtured Spyro's confidence and talents which resulted in Spyro becoming egotistical. When Spyro gets inspired to learn about his dragon kind, Eon having anticipated it, did whatever he could to keep it a secret to ensure Spyro wouldn't suffer their fate. But trying to hide it out of shame, only strains their relationship as Spyro keeps pestering him about it and Eon would run from Spyro's feelings. At one point, they fought outside Team Spyro's house with Spyro being defeated hurting the dragon even more.

When Spyro threatens to leave the Academy, no longer trusting Eon, the former couldn't hide anymore and shamefully tells him everything. But having caused Spyro so much emotional pain for keeping it a secret out of shame, Spyro refuses to forgive him and casts him aside, which in turn devastated Eon. Eon was greatly ashamed for hurting Spyro so much, that he vowed to atone for his mistakes and promised to help him bring his dragonkind home. When Spyro defeated his evil self, their relationship was restored. After the battle with Kaos at the Core of Light, Eon visited Spyro revealing that he was sent to another plane of existence and that he can lead Spyro to where his ancestors were sent. Although Spyro wouldn't be able to return to the Academy for a while, he accepts and the two of them began their journey.

Dark Spyro

Dark Spyro deceived Eon and the others into believing that he was the Spyro they knew, unaware that Strykore devoured most of Spyro's light which led to his return. Sometimes Eon would have Dark Spyro help settle differences between himself and Kaossandra, although the dragon would refuse. When Dark Spyro's cover was blown, Eon was determined to cure him of his darkness and was greatly hurt when the dark dragon prefers mustaches over beards.


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  • Eon's beard is longer in Skylanders Unite!, but after Kaos breaks it, it is shorter for the rest of the series.
    • Curiously, after becoming a spirit at the end of Raiders of the Lost Arkus, Part 2, Eon's beard is mysteriously returned to its original length with no given explanation on how or why.
  • The wizard dislikes organic beard treatments, claiming them to be "hippie", and doing so much as yell at the entire courtyard when a salesman tries to sneak in with them. However, his industrial brand has the side effect of attracting thieving sheep.
  • Eon's hair used to be light brown.
    • However, possibly due to a mistake in the illustrations, this hair is not displayed in flashbacks in Season 2.
  • Despite using his staff in the show's pilot, it is not seen for the rest of Seasons 1 and 2.
  • Master Eon's hover-podium is called "Edgar Allan Podium", as a pun on the name of the writer Edgar Allan Poe.
  • In some ways, Master Eon, in this series, is similar to Professor Ozpin, the Headmaster of Beacon Academy in the American web series RWBY.
    • Both have trained heroes for several years by overseeing an academy, usually gives one team more leeway (Team Spyro and Team RWBY respectively), and are generally seen as wise yet approachable and almost fatherly, if a bit eccentric.
    • They also take particular care in helping the leaders of said teams (Spyro and Ruby Rose respectively) grow stronger, noting that they have high potential in becoming heroes.
    • However, this also translates to darker aspects.
      • Both Ozpin and Eon are family members of the true main antagonists of their respective series (Ozpin is the reincarnation of Salem's husband Ozma, and Eon is the older brother of Strykore).
      • They tend to be incredibly secretive about dark secrets (Eon hid the secret of his role in banishing the dragons and Spyro's family due to its connection to Strykore, while Ozpin hid the dark truth of the eternal war of Remnant).
        • The revelation of said secret causes devastating effects on the heroes (Spyro leaves Skylanders Academy and ends up getting corrupted into Dark Spyro, freeing Strykore; while Ozpin loses the trust of all the protagonists due to his desperation to keep his past secret)
      • Both also end up dying at the end of each series' third season, and returning to their respective worlds in different ways (Eon ascends to another plane of existence, while Ozpin reincarnates into Oscar Pine).


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