Marsha is a swamp fairy in Skylanders: Trap Team who lives in Monster Marsh. After freeing her, she helps the Skylanders by protecting them from the poisonous marsh by using her magic to create a forcefield, while guiding them to the Sleepy Village. She claims not to believe in bad luck and that your luck will only get worse if you believe in it, and that the Marsh is beautiful despite the poisonous gases and monsters. After helping the Skylanders, Marsha is never seen again.



  • She has the same model as Persephone, with different colors.
  • Marsha brings up a story about a tree right before she and the Skylander reach their destination, and because of this, she cuts herself off as she starts saying what was wrong with it. As certain movements can make her explain that she planted the trees in the Marsh despite its poisonous waters before cutting off again, the line is only interrupted due to scripting errors.
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