“Now you see the Skylanders, now you can't!”
    —Marf Gargaroots before fighting the Skylander

Marf Gargaroots is a Troll Illusionist who is one of the trappable Nightmare Villains in the Nintendo 3DS version of Skylanders: Trap Team.

Nightmare Pages

  • "Plagued all of his life by chronic foot odor, it's been said that when Marf tries to invade peoples' dreams, they often wake with fright just from the smell alone."
  • "Marf Gargaroots became famous at the age of five when he summoned a salad for dinner. The unusual part is that it was a CHOP SALAD, and chased his parents around for forty minutes before it could be stopped."
  • "Though all agree that Marf is an extremely powerful sorcerer, some say that his staff is really just a hollow tube, and attribute his power to the magic lamp he swallowed as a child."


  • Like other Troll Illusionists, Marf Gargoroots is similar to Glumshanks in appearance and stature.
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