Magus is a Drow general who is one of the main antagonists in the comic story bundle, Champions.


Magus planned to use his Omni-Disruptor to threaten Skylands, which caught the attention of Master Eon. The old Portal Master enlisted Night Shift, Bouncer, Trigger Happy and the rebellious Blades to stop Magus from fulfilling his evil plan.

When Blades went alone to take on Magus by himself, the Drow general pointed out Blades' brash nature and used his Omni-Disruptor to block off the dragon's connection to the Portals, preventing Blades from transforming into his Legendary form and calling for help. Magus then easily subdued the young dragon with his machine's defenses, but Night Shift, Bouncer and Trigger Happy came to the rescue and helped Blades destroy the Omni-Disruptor. Wielding their Legendary armor, the four Skylanders defeated Magus and demolished his stronghold with ease. Magus and his Drow minions were last seen being herded onto a ship, with Magus swearing to the Skylanders that they would hear from his lawyer in "two-to-four business days".


  • For unknown reasons, Magus' skin is colored blue instead of green.
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