The M.A.P., or Mysterious Ancient Place, is the secondary hub for Skylanders: Imaginators. It served as the home of the Ancients and where they created all of creation, with connections to places all over Skylands.

M.A.P. connects the game's Chapters and the Skylanders Academy, however, it is not as safe as the latter, containing enemies that can ambush the Skylander or be ambushed instead. It also contains the Sensei Elemental Realms, Imaginite parts, secret areas, and Academy Books to collect. Skylanders walk at triple speed to compensate for the overworld's size. Adventure Packs, such as the Thumpin' Wumpa Islands, are also stationed at the M.A.P.


  • Its structure of having large fields with miniatures of the corresponding levels acting as entrances is reminiscent of the overworlds of 3D Collect-a-Thon games such as Banjo-Kazooie.
Skylands (World) - Skylanders Academy (Hub) - M.A.P. (Overworld Hub)

Main Chapters
Cradle of Creation - Mushroom River - Scholarville - Shellmont Shores - Sky Fortress - Fizzland
The Golden Arcade - Dragon Temple - Abandoned Amusement Park - The Lair of Kaos
Sensei Elemental Realms
Air - Dark - Earth - Fire - Life - Light - Magic - Tech - Undead - Water
Additional Levels
Battle Arena - Rat Kingdom - The Battleship - Calamity City/Trouble Town
Mausoleum of Madness/Danger Dungeon - Battlefield Blitz/Operation: More War

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