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“He's got real star power. From an actual star!”
    —Villain Vault

Luminous is the Light Doom Raider in Skylanders: Trap Team. He is the main antagonist of the Sunscraper Spire Expansion Pack.


Luminous is a ruthless villain of Light, willing to achieve whatever means necessary to extinguish the darkness, even if it meant annihilating anyone who stands in his way. He greatly fears the darkness, even his own shadow. Despite this, Luminous is polite even during battle, and accepts defeat and imprisonment willingly. After his first defeat however, he became much more unreasonable, blaming anything and everything on the darkness' clouding presence even in a place of powerful Light magic.


Luminous can shoot rays of light and call upon large crystal shards from above. He also possesses the ability to shapeshift, which helps him disguise his voice to match the one he has taken the form of. He can also teleport, summon shields to block attacks, and use telekinesis powerful enough to move small islands.



Being from the element of Light, Luminous has always feared the dark. Even his own shadow used to frighten him so he became determined to find a source of light so powerful and bright, no darkness, not even shadow, exists. This quest drove him quite mad and he set out to destroy all who opposed him. Finally, he managed to find what he was looking for - The Starlight. A source of light and energy so great, darkness could never escape. But it was protected by the Skylanders and Luminous was unable to get his hands on it. When the entire Light Realm became cut-off from the rest of Skylands, Luminous seized the opportunity and tried once again to steal this Starlight, but what he didn’t know was that a Skylander of the Light Element, Knight Light, was left behind as well. After an intense battle over several days, Knight Light was able to imprison Luminous in Sunscraper Spire, where he remains to this day. Just hope nobody lets him out.

Skylanders: Trap Team

Years later, the modern-day Skylanders arrived with Mags at Sunscraper Spire to investigate its presence after the destruction of Cloudcracker Prison. Seeing this as a chance to finally escape his prison, Luminous took on the guise of Mags and led the heroes around the towers, tricking the Skylanders into unlocking the seals that imprisoned him in the center tower. Once all of the the seals were unlocked, Luminous revealed his true identity to the Skylander once they had reached inside Tricked You Tower. He engaged them in battle, and despite his renewed power over the Light element, the Doom Raider was defeated. The Portal to a Light Trap opened up, and Luminous accepted his fate, running towards the light within the portal.

After his capture, the Skylanders returned to Sunscraper Spire for his Villain Quest with Buzz, called "Buzz Has a Hat?". The Mabu war veteran explained to the heroes that his Secret Ninja Commando Senses detected Luminous's presence nearby, which turned out to be true, as Knight Light had imprisoned him within the Spire itself many years prior. Buzz deduced that the Doom Raider had moved a nearby island with his lucky hat and required his assistance in retrieving it. Once Luminous accomplished the task, Buzz decided that he should have his lucky hat instead, as it didn't fit him anymore. Luminous was awarded with Buzz's thanks, a new outfit, and the Lighthouse Hat.

Other appearances

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

After Nightshade stole the Book of Dark Magic from Wolfgang, he created a fake and passed the real one to Luminous on the Shrine of Light. However, infuriated by his previous defeat, Luminous intended to use the book solely to dispatch the Skylander invaders and then go against the other Doom Raiders' plans, destroying the Dark artifact once he was done eradicating all darkness from Skylands. After his defeat, he planned to destroy it anyway, until Kaos stole it from him.


  • "The one you thought was Mags was none other than me: Luminous, evil overlord of the Light Element! Ahahahahahahaha!"
  • "Let there be light! Painful light!"
  • "If I could shed some more light on things..."
  • "You're about to get lit up!"
  • "Let's keep things light!"
  • "The stars shall rain down on you!"
  • "Time to see the light, Skylander!"
  • "How about a little star power?"
  • "You know what just occurred to me? I haven't shown you the massive power you have unwittingly helped me to generate. Come Skylander, right this way. Ooh, this is going to be sweet!"
  • "A little bright in here for you, Skylander?"
  • "(Laughs). Step into the light!"
  • "Starfall!"
  • "I reach for the stars!"
  • "You can't hurt me! At least not right now."
  • "You're not even doing light damage!"
  • "Oh, I should've been doing this the whole time!"

Trap Quotes

  • "Don't worry, I am sure the choice will dawn on you soon."
  • "I must head towards the light without fear. Even in defeat, I shall shine like a STTAAAAARRRRRRR......!!!"
  • "Uh, how is this going to affect the status of my evil plan? I assume negatively, but I just thought I would check."
  • "I suppose I have seen the light."
  • "Light... Camera... ME-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E!!!"
  • "Step into the light!"
  • "A light just went on. Me!"
  • "The light at the end of the tunnel!"
  • "I'm in!"
  • "Showtime!"
  • "Reach for the stars!"
  • "Excellent!"
  • "Heads up!"
  • "This light burns bright!"
  • "I hope there's no hard feelings with Mags after I... impersonated her."
  • "There's something weird about that Buzz guy, I just can't put my finger on... oh wait, yes I can!  He's crazy!"
  • "I'd like to try out for the Skaletones, but unlike some people I'm aware of my vocal limitations."
  • "I could get used to this place. Do you think they'd consider me for a teaching position here?"
  • "Hellooooo, don't forget about me in here!"
  • "Remember, you have an awesome mastermind of the light at your disposal!"
  • "You're low on health. It's time to step out of the light and let me take over."
  • "I used to be part of Brock's Rumble Club- ugh, but I forgot the first rule, you're not supposed to talk about it!"
  • "It sounds like my services are needed?" - Quest
  • "Having been on the other side of that, I feel for those bad guys."

Villain Theme ♫

Luminous' villain theme is A Pair of Aces, from APM Music. Of note is that there are three songs with the same name in its album, but only one has the complete theme.




  • Luminous and Nightshade are the only Doom Raiders who were willing to accept capture after their defeat.
    • They are also the only Doom Raiders fought in Adventure Packs.
  • Many fans assume or were misled that Mags was Luminous in disguise all along throughout the story. However, Luminous was imprisoned in Sunscraper Spire years prior to the events of Trap Team, making this assumption false, as he only took on the form of the real Mags as soon as she and the Skylanders reached the Spire. After Luminous is captured, the real Mags is seen back at the Skylanders Academy.
    • One of Luminous' trap quotes while at the Skylanders Academy near Mags confirms this: "I hope there's no hard feelings with Mags after I... impersonated her".
  • He is the only Doom Raider not to appear in any CGI cutscenes.
  • He is the second villain of the Light element to appear in an adventure pack level, the first being Lob Goblin.
  • Luminous, Nightshade and Dreamcatcher are the only Doom Raiders who are not involved in any part of Skylanders: SuperChargers (if not counting Skystones Overdrive).
  • In the beta version of Ring of Heroes, Luminous was the only villain not affiliated with Kaos in any way. He was appointed guardian of the Shrine of Light, and simply attacked the Skylanders after being driven into a rage over the Dark Portal Master's assault. However, it appears the Shrine is still his dwellings in the final game, as it is a Doom Raider base.
  • Luminous has a few similarities to Yaldabaoth, the main antagonist and final boss of Persona 5.
    • Both are heavily associated with the power of light.
    • They both manipulate the protagonist by impersonating an ally (Luminous takes the form of Mags so he can have the Skylanders help him escape, while Yaldabaoth takes the place of recurring character Igor in the Velvet Room for a thought experiment).
    • Luminous's theme, A Pair of Aces, is a swinging, jazzy tune, similar to Persona 5 having a soundtrack heavily inspired by jazz.