Luck-O-Tron Wheels are collectibles in Skylanders: Giants. They can be put on Luck-O-Tron Bulbs in Cali's Room on the Dread-Yacht to increase stats. The affected stats depend on selected wheel type: Health, Experience, Power or Wealth.

Luck-O-Tron Bulbs

There are a maximum of four bulbs in Cali's Room. The first one is free, but the others must be bought from Auric. The second is in Auric's store on the ship, the third is in the store in Wilikin Village and the fourth is in the Molekin Mountain store.

Wheels of Health

Wheels of Health increase the chance of food drops from enemies.

  • Junkyard Isles: In The Last Stand, use the turret to destroy the windmill to find the wheel inside.
  • Secret Vault of Secrets: This one should be easy to find. At the end of the West Dam Cliffside, there is a small drop-down with the wheel.
  • Aerial Attack!: Go to the Air elemental zone, and once you open the second area, the wheel is on the same island as Fright Rider's Soul Gem.
  • Bringing Order to Kaos!: Beat Freebot 002 at Skystones (located in the Hall of Archives) to open a room with the wheel inside.

Wheels of Experience

Wheels of Experience cause enemies to drop more XP.

  • Time of the Giants: After going through the Chompy Pit, there is a boulder in front of a path back into the pit. Go back through the passage, and beat the Chompies to get the Wheel.
  • Glacier Gully: In Noodle's Cold Plate, destory the building below with a bomb to get the Wheel.
  • Kaos' Kastle: At the Castle Green, go to the left. The Wheel is at the end of the balcony.
  • Molekin Mountain: At the beginning, push a pushblock into the balcony. The Wheel will appear on the other side.

Wheels of Power

Wheels of Power add a chance that additional damage is dealt to enemies on each hit. If this chance succeeds, the additional damage is dealt as if the Skylander were in an area that matched its Element, applying Elemental Power damage.

  • Rumbletown: Use the totem pole to reveal the Moldy Retreat, which contains the wheel.
  • Troll Home Security: Jump into the chimney near the beginning of the chapter.
  • Drill-X's Big Rig: Move along the pistons in the Middle Auxillery Deck to find the wheel.
  • Autogyro Adventure: In the Gear Box, use the laser to bring the floating platform close to you and pick up the wheel.

Wheels of Wealth

Wheels of Wealth add a chance for treasure to be worth double their amount in gold. If this chance succeeds upon picking up a piece of gold, the critical hit's "pop" sound will play and a red exclamation point will appear next to the doubled number. (If many gold pieces are collected at the same time, critical hit indicators may play for all of them even if only one of the chances succeeds; this is a visual bug.)

  • Cutthroat Carnival: In the Pirate prison, smash the bars using a cannon or a Giant.
  • Wilikin Village: It is in the back of the Wing Caves, accessed through a hole underneath a boulder in the area above.
  • The Oracle: Off the side of a ledge inside the Trial of Courage: Chompies.
  • Lost City of Arkus: Complete the puzzle in Pit Puzzler to find the wheel.
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