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The Lost City of Arkus is an ancient, floating city of the Arkeyans when they ruled over Skylands 10,000 years prior to Skylanders: Giants. The Skylanders come here to make their way to the center of Arkus to stop Kaos from ruling Skylands with an Arkeyan army.


  • Enter the Palace

Elemental Gates

  • Water Cliff Terrace
  • Inside the Tomb
  • Cannon Fodder & Fire Battle

Areas to Find

  • The Beginning of the End
    • Element: Magic
  • Hidden Slide Entrance
    • Element: Magic
  • Azure Slide
  • Eliptical Arena
    • Element: Magic
  • Hazard Path
    • Element: Magic
  • Fractured Ledge
    • Element: Magic
  • A Pit With Possibilities & Pit Puzzler
  • Hazard Ridge
  • Turquoise Tomb
    • Element: Magic
  • Inside the Tomb
    • Element: Magic
  • Caution: Rolling Hazards Ahead & Hidden Ledge
    • Element: Earth
  • Cannon Fodder & Fire Battle
    • Element: Fire
  • Hazard Depository
    • Element: Earth
  • Upper Arena
    • Element: Water
  • Downhill Challenge
    • Element: Water
  • Gate Crasher Battle
    • Element: Water
  • Treasure Cave & Reflection Locking Mechanism
    • Element: Water

New Enemies

Legendary Treasure

  • Skull Engine


  • Funnel Hat
  • Atom Hat

Soul Gem

  • Chill - Call the Narwhal!

Story Scrolls

  • Roboto Ball

The Store

  • Napoleon Hat - 1,000 gold
  • Wabbit Ears - 1,200 gold
  • Arkeyan Sniper Skystone - 250 gold
  • Invincibility Power Up - 425 gold
  • Fairy Dust - 50 gold
  • Skystone Cheat - 500 gold



  • Arkeyans had a idiosyncrasy where they have trouble remembering anything that is below them. Above and to the side, no problem, but below... forget about it. Being deep underground, the City of Arkus posed a particular problem. The Arkeyans tried to rectify this by moving their city high up, but the plans were placed in the basement of the City Hall of Arkus, so they got lost.[1]


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