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“You wish to challenge ME in the air? I am Lord Stratosfear! Born to rule the skies!”
    —Lord Stratosfear

Lord Stratosfear, also known as Stratosfear, is an evil storm giant in Skylanders: SuperChargers and is the first minor villain of the game.


Lord Stratosfear holds more "conservative" views and prejudice against inhabitants of the lower realms. Other Storm Giants in the Cloud Kingdom comment that Stratosfear often goes into a rampage over little things, likening it to a tantrum.


When Kaos's forces came to The Cloud Kingdom and promised the Storm Giants "safety" should they join them, it was only Stratosfear who willingly accepted the offer. The dark forces granted him the stolen Thunderous Bolt and the promise of a villa that overlooked the kingdom, with Queen Cumulus and the other Storm Giants no longer able to ignore his attitude. With the Thunderous Bolt in his possession, Stratosfear had complete watch over the kingdom until the Skylanders came to retrieve the item from the evil tyrant. Despite his threats, and the electrifying attacks from his large flying ship, the evil Storm Giant was knocked out of the sky and the Thunderous Bolt was claimed by the Skylanders.

Lord Stratosfear is playable in Race Mode. Players can race as him in his Storm Striker vehicle if they defeat Stratosfear in his Boss Pursuit on the Cloud Factory race track.

Boss Fight

The battle takes place on a road-like coarse where the Skylander will battle Lord Stratosfear in a large flying vehicle while piloting their land vehicle. In the first part of the battle, he will summon lighting strikes with the Thunderous Bolt, in which the Skylander must dodge while attacking Lord Stratosfear.

After losing about one-third of his health, Lord Stratosfear will summon enemies to attack the Skylander. Afterwards, he will summon lighting strikes like before,but gains a new attack; summoning lighting spheres around the vehicle and then launching them at the Skylander. They can be destroyed before and after their launch.

When Lord Stratosfear is down to the last quarters of his health, he will summon mines, in addition to his lighting strikes and he can now summon two rows of lighting spheres to launch at the Skylander. Once his health is depleted, Stratosfear will be knocked off his vessel in defeat.


  • Stratosfear is absent in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing, where he is replaced by Pain-Yatta.
  • Outside of Boss Pursuit, Stratosfear is not seen after his defeat, with no clear indication if he escaped or was arrested by the Storm Giants.
  • Stratosfear is one of the few purple Storm Giants, along with Queen Cumulus.
  • In the Cluch artbook for SuperChargers, Stratosfear had the working name of simply Stratos.
  • His name is a pun on "stratosphere".
  • Statosphere's animation upon his defeat is a reference to Tai Lung's recoil animation in the film Kung Fu Panda during his fight with Po.
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