Loose Cannons are a type of troll found in Skylanders: Swap Force. They are a large Troll enemy that shields itself from attacks until they lower their guard to attack you. They strike by firing four bomb shells at the Skylander, which then renders them vulnerable.


  • They share the same attack pattern as the Greeble Ironclads, Arkeyan Slamshocks, and Cyclops Brawlbucklers.
  • In the Arkeyan Crossbow Survival Arenas, the Loose Cannons have sand-based versions of themselves where their faces are completely concealed and only shoot triple-pronged harpoons instead of explosive mecha-fists.
  • A Loose Cannon (or Toys For Bob's version of the enemy) was originally planned to be a trappable enemy of the Tech element in Skylanders: Trap Team. This idea was scrapped for unknown reasons.
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