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“Danger - high voltage!”
    —Villain Vault

Lob Goblin is a Troll who is one of the Light elemental villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. The Skylanders were rolling a huge bomb to try and destroy a powerful tank blocking access the Nightmare Express, when Lob Goblin blocked their way. Eventually, his attempts failed and he was trapped.


  • "This might come as a SHOCK!"

Trap Quotes

  • "Oooh! Lot of electricity in the air right now! But not the good kind."
  • "Was this because I used too much electriccciiiiiiittyyy...?!?!"
  • "Boy, it sure is dark in here. Hey, if you want to wire this place with electricity, I know a guy! Hahahahahaha!"
  • "Just like changing from AC to DC currents I suppose...."
  • "Power OOONNNNNNNNN!!"
  • "Coming in hot!"
  • "I'VE got the POWER!"
  • "Electro-mine!"
  • "Some pretty nice schematics, huh?" -When checking stats
  • "Sounds like the perfect job for me." - Quest

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

Lob Goblin's theme is Drumming Fingers, from APM Music.


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  • He is the only Troll who can count past seven.
  • On his promo art, Lob Goblin lacks his head magnet.
  • His villain vault description may be a reference to the song "Danger: High Voltage" by Electric Six.
  • His name and abilities are similar to the Marvel Villain, Green Goblin.
    • His name is also similar to the Hobgoblin, another Marvel villain.
  • He has the longest theme out of all of the Villains.
  • His secondary attack is relatively similar to that of the Arkeyan Blasters.
  • Lob Goblin is one of six Villains who do not try to persuade the Portal Master into capturing them, let alone being aware of their ultimate fate. (the others being The GulperThreatpackTae Kwon CrowChill Bill, and Brawlrus).
  • His quest name is a reference to the game series, Grand Theft Auto.
  • Despite being a troll, he has the word "goblin" in his name.