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Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclops Queen is a novel in the Skylanders series, and the third in an ongoing Mask of Power series of original novels set in the Skylanders universe.

Story Summary

The greatest Storm Titan of them all is about to make a royal appointment with his biggest challenge yet. Lightning Rod teams up with Drobot, Double Trouble and Pop Fizz to journey to a far-off city where the locals have an eye for trouble!

From the pen of Onk Beakman comes the third tale in the Mask of Power series, based on the characters from the smash hit Skylanders video games.[1]


At the start of the annual Storm Titan Games, Cali and along with two Skylanders, Drobot and Pop Fizz, anxiously await the Air Skylander and event's most popular contestant, Lightning Rod, to start off with the event. The Storm Giant accidentally hurled a large hammer in the path of Flynn's balloon that was flying overhead, causing it to spiral out of the control. The Skylanders quickly came to the rescue, knocking away the balloon's dangerous debris threatening the audience within the stadium and saving Flynn, Double Trouble, Hugo and a Warrior Librarian named Squirmgrub who were onboard the balloon. Hugo then informed Master Eon that the Mask of Power had revealed the location of the next fragment to the Mask of Power, and that Squirmgrub had also discovered something about the malevolent item.

Drobot saving Flynn from the wreckage of his air balloon.

Within the stadium, the Skylanders discovered that the Air segment to the Mask of Power had seemingly taken on the form of a Land Whale, the last of its kind which was stationed at a zoo held by the Cyclops Queen at Tempest Towers. Master Eon sends Lightning Rod, Pop Fizz, Drobot, Double Trouble, Cali, and Flynn to the Tempest Towers that lied beyond the Sea of Storms in their mission to claim the Air fragment before Kaos made his move. However before they could depart, Kaos captured Cali with the help of his Drow forces, who knew the path to Tempest Towers. The Skylanders gave chase, following Kaos while trekking through the Sea of Storms and battling Windbag Djinnis in the process. With the help of Drobot's supercharged Afterburners, they managed to get to Tempest Towers before Kaos, and tricked their way inside the Cyclops city with Pop Fizz's berserk form posing as a never-before-seen creature. As some of the heroes entered Tempest Towers, Flynn and Double Trouble stayed behind to keep a lookout for Kaos.

Inside, Lightning Rod, Pop Fizz, and Drobot meet the Cyclops Queen and her husband, Pipsqueak, but they were soon discovered when Lightning Rod accidentally muttered loudly about their plan on taking the Land Whale. The Cyclops Queen had Lightning Rod and Drobot thrown to the Land Whale's tank to be eaten, while Pop Fizz is thrown into a cage. The Storm Giant became hypnotized by the Whale and began walking towards its open jaws, but Drobot quickly distracted the monster long enough for Lightning Rod to break of the Land Whale's hypnosis and free the robot dragon before he was eaten alive.

Meanwhile, Kaos arrived at Tempest Towers, and the Cyclops Queen sees the evil Portal Power as a unique specimen for her collection of animals, and had her cyclopses battle Kaos's Drow army. During the turmoil, Double Trouble and Flynn rescue Cali and gain control over Kaos's Drow zeppelin for future transportation.

Drobot and Lightning imprisoned with the Land Whale by the Cyclops Queen.

Lightning Rod and Drobot escaped from the immobile Land Whale with Pop Fizz just in time to see Kaos and his army of Drow winning the struggle against the Cyclops Queen's army. Knowing that Kaos was after the Land Whale for the Air fragment, Lightning Rod hurled the Whale far from Tempest Towers, and the evil Portal Master hastily followed after it on foot. The Skylanders were confused by Lighting Rod's action, but discovered that the Air fragment was really one of the towers of the Cyclops city, which was made of Cyclopnite, the heaviest stone ever mined, and the opposite of the Air element.

Lightning Rod used one of Pop Fizz's potions to grow to a humongous size big enough to carry the tower back to the Eternal Archive, much to the Cyclops Queen's disbelief. After releasing the animals that were imprisoned by the Cyclops Queen back to their respectable homes, and retrieving the Air segment, Lightning Rod was returned to his original size, and surprisingly shared the glory of stopping Kaos with his friends and fellow Skylanders. Unknown to the Skylanders, there was a traitor in their mist who had been revealing the locations of the Mask of Power to Kaos: Squirmgrub.

The story continues in Terrafin Battles the Boom Brothers...




Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclops Queen

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