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LightCore Skylanders are playable characters introduced in Skylanders: Giants. The Skylanders are protectors of the Core of Light, and in times of peril, they can call upon its power to ignite their own light from within and radiate with magic, becoming known as LightCore Skylanders.

These characters light up without batteries when placed near the Portal of Power. They have the ability to defeat all surrounding enemies when placed in the game. LightCore Skylanders also have different poses from their regular model. There is a Target-exclusive 3-pack of LightCore Skylanders consisting of Drobot, Prism Break, and Eruptor.

List of LightCore Skylanders

Skylanders: Giants

Skylander Element
LightCore Chill Icon.png Chill
Legendary Chill Icon.png Legendary Chill
LightCore Drobot Icon.png Drobot Tech
LightCore Eruptor Icon.png Eruptor Fire
LightCore Hex Icon.png Hex Undead
LightCore Jet-Vac Icon.png Jet-Vac Air
LightCore Pop Fizz Icon.png Pop Fizz Magic
LightCore Prism Break Icon.png Prism Break Earth
LightCore Shroomboom Icon.png Shroomboom Life

Skylanders: Swap Force

Skylander Element
LightCore Bumble Blast Icon.png Bumble Blast Life
LightCore Countdown Icon.png Countdown Tech
LightCore Flashwing Icon.png Flashwing Earth
LightCore Grim Creeper Icon.png Grim Creeper
Legendary Grim Creeper Icon.png Legendary Grim Creeper
LightCore Smolderdash Icon.png Smolderdash Fire
LightCore Star Strike Icon.png Star Strike
Enchanted Star Strike Icon.png Enchanted Star Strike
LightCore Warnado Icon.png Warnado Air
LightCore Wham-Shell Icon.png Wham-Shell Water



  • LightCores of Spyro's Adventure Skylanders do work in Spyro's Adventure but don't light up in game.
  • No LightCore Skylanders were introduced in Trap Team or SuperChargers.
  • Light and Dark are currently the only elements without LightCore Skylanders.
  • LightCore Hex is currently the only variant of this kind used in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes, replacing her default appearance.
    • Additional, despite not being a LightCore character, Light Hex has an ability that uses its power.