“Spells heal nearby enemies.”
    —Game description (Spyro's Adventure)
“Heals the Bad Guys.”
    —Game description (Giants)

Life Spell Punks are Life elemental Spell Punks that have the ability to heal nearby enemies. They are also used by Blitzer Bullies as 'health benefits' to heal themselves when they take damage. Life Spell Punks are also the only type of Spell Punk that appears in Skylanders: Giants.

Armored Life Spell Punks wear protective armor and are the only type of Spell Punk to wear this variant.

In Skylanders: Swap Force, they still heal enemies but if you defeat the enemies first, they will shoot a blast of Life energy from their hands.

Battlecast Abilities

In Skylanders: Battlecast, Life Spell Punks have the ability to Seedcraft, summoning two Life Elemental Spell Cards, and always carry a Seed Wand, which allows them to attack alongside such spells.

Seedcraft Seed Wand - Special Ability (Gear)

Common (Unobtainable)
Gain 2 random Life non-character card.

Seed Wand - Special Ability (Gear)card.png

Common (Unobtainable)
When a Life spell is played, blast the active enemy for 10 damage.



  • Very strangely, in Giants, Life Spell Punks will 'heal' sheep, even though they do not count as enemies, are invincible, and do not attack.
  • Although they are called "Life" Spell Punks and regenerate your enemies' health, they are of the Magic Element in Giants, according to the Skystone.
  • In Motherly Mayhem, a Life Spell Punk is the only enemy fought that is not Evilized.
  • In Trap Team, they are replaced by Broccoli Guys.
  • Seedcraft is one of the three Spell Punk card in Battlecast to use the Vicarious Visions games' appearance, despite the ingame models having the other version. The other cards are Grave Danger and Stormcraft.
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