“Life - what a mighty, humbling and beautiful thing it is.”
    —Ring of Heroes Relationship Description

Life is one of the ten main elements in the Skylanders series. It is associated with the color green.


There is no avoiding the Life Element. It is the Element that ensures Skylands maintans its natural balance. From the tiniest seed to the tallest tree, from the smallest grub to the largest land whale, Skylands teems with Life. The Skylanders who harness the Life element are at one with the plants, the trees and the very soil itself. This grants them incredible abilities to use in the fight against Kaos and his minions. It also means that some of them are jolly good at gardening.

Life is there in the deepest depths of the ocean. It survives in the fiery hearts of volcanoes. Even in the most unhospitable of conditions. Life clings on, and this makes it a very powerful Element.[1] The Elements that make up the Core of Light interact with one another in some remarkable ways, and Life is no exception. Without Life, where would we be?[2]


The Undead Element poses a real threat to Life. The dark, creeping shadows of the Undead sap the Life energy from everything they touch, leaving them withered and frail.[3]


Skylanders who are associated with the element of Life use abilities that create other living things of their own, from plants to vines to animated dummies. And they like the color green. A lot. They are powerful against the Water Element, but less capable against the Undead Element.[4] In Skylanders: Ring of Heroes, Life is strong against Water and Tech, but weak to Undead and Air.

When opening a Life Gate, the Life Skylanders makes a giant vine grow to form a bridge. When in toy form, Life-based Skylanders stand on a pedestal that resembles a pile of leaves.

In Skylanders: Trap Team's turret challenges, Life Skylanders have the ability Fly Trap, which sucks in enemies to greatly damage them. In Kaos Doom Challenge, they can summon a wood fruit gun, which can be upgraded to have Venus flytraps and poisonous fruit.

In Skylanders: SuperChargers, Life-aligned Portal Master Powers include a trail of paralyzing vines, the ability to drain health from enemies, and the ability to boost the Elemental Power stat. Those are distributed in several conditions, and the names are as follows:

  • Path of Vines - Life Skylanders leave a paralyzing vine trail in a Life Zone.
  • Renewing Entrance - Life Skylanders drain Health from enemies when summoned.
  • Invigorating Strike - Life Skylander attacks have a chance to drain Health from enemies.
  • Overgrowth - A chance for Life Skylanders hit in a Life Zone to trigger a temporary Elemental Power boost.
  • Vigorous Desperation - Life Skylanders leave a paralyzing vine trail when their health is low.

Skylanders: Imaginators

Life Imaginators can choose from four abilities as their secondary attack:

Life Elemental Imaginator Powers
The first two of these powers are unlocked at the start of the game, the other two are unlocked by leveling up your Imaginator.
Vine Bloom
Mastered Vine Bloom
Wool Over Your Eyes
Mastered Wool Over Your Eyes
Poisonous Pestilence
Mastered Poisonous Pestilence
Flower Power
Mastered Flower Power
Original Power
Press Attack 2 to grow exploding vines around you.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press Attack 2 to grow explosive vines, and temporarily increase your speed.
View Base Power
Original Power
Press Attack 2 to turn into a sheep so enemies will not notice you.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press Attack 2 to turn into a stealthy sheep that drops a Trojan sheep explosive upon exit.
View Base Power
Unlocked at Level 3
Press Attack 2 to create clouds of poisonous gas.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press Attack 2 to create clouds of poisonous gas. Press Attack 2, Attack 2, Attack 2, to cause the cloud to explode.
View Base Power
Unlocked at Level 5
Press Attack 2 to grow plants that damage your enemies.
View Upgrade
Price: 1500
Press Attack 2 to grow up to three plants that damage your enemies, and do area damage when expiring.
View Base Power

The default color schemes for Life Imaginators include Sunny Meadows, Emerald Grove, Pine Forest, Poison Ivy, Golden Tea, Verdant Brusk and Spring Salmon. Life Creation Crystals unlock the Tree Set of Imaginator parts, featuring the Sylvan head, Vine Arms, Merry Mischief Chest, Viney Legs and the Moose Antlers ears.

Life Elemental Characters


Core Skylanders
Bumble Blast Icon Bumble Blast
Jolly Bumble Blast Icon Jolly Bumble Blast
Camo Icon Camo
Food Fight Icon Food Fight
Dark Food Fight Icon Dark Food Fight
Frosted Food Fight Icon Frosted Food Fight
(Lost Islands Alter Ego)
Instant Food Fight Icon Instant Food Fight
High Five Icon High Five
Shroomboom Icon Shroomboom
Stealth Elf Icon Stealth Elf
Dark Stealth Elf Icon Dark Stealth Elf
Elite Stealth Elf Icon Elite Stealth Elf
Legendary Stealth Elf Icon Legendary Stealth Elf
Stump Smash Icon Stump Smash
Autumn Stump Smash Icon Autumn Stump Smash
(Lost Islands Alter Ego)
Zoo Lou Icon Zoo Lou
Legendary Zoo Lou Icon Legendary Zoo Lou
Zook Icon Zook
Elite Zook Icon Elite Zook
Fireworks Zook Icon Fireworks Zook
(Lost Islands Alter Ego)
Tree Rex Icon Tree Rex
Gnarly Tree Rex Icon Gnarly Tree Rex
SWAP Force Movement Type
Grilla Drilla Icon Grilla Drilla
Builda Grilla Drilla Icon Builda Grilla Drilla
(Lost Islands Alter Ego)
Dig symbol
Stink Bomb Icon Stink Bomb Sneak symbol
Trap Masters
Bushwhack Icon Bushwhack
Legendary Bushwhack Icon Legendary Bushwhack
Tuff Luck Icon Tuff Luck
Barkley Icon Barkley
Gnarly Barkley Icon Gnarly Barkley
Whisper Elf Icon Whisper Elf
Super Shot Stealth Elf Icon Super Shot Stealth Elf
Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf Icon Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf
Instant Super Shot Stealth Elf
Thrillipede Icon Thrillipede
Eggcited Thrillipede Icon Eggcited Thrillipede
Turbo Charge Donkey Kong Icon Turbo Charge Donkey Kong
Dark Turbo Charge Donkey Kong Icon Dark Turbo Charge Donkey Kong
Note: Nintendo Systems Only
Senseis Battle Class
Ambush Icon Ambush Knight symbol
Boom Bloom Icon Boom Bloom Ninja symbol
Chompy Mage Icon Chompy Mage
Jingle Bell Chompy Mage Icon Jingle Bell Chompy Mage
Bazooker symbol
Crash Bandicoot Icon Crash Bandicoot Brawler symbol


Broccoli Guy Villain Icon Broccoli Guy
Chompy Villain Icon Chompy
Chompy Mage Villain Icon Chompy Mage
Cuckoo Clocker Villain Icon Cuckoo Clocker
Sheep Creep Villain Icon Sheep Creep
Shield Shredder Villain Icon Shield Shredder

Life Elemental Items

Life Traps Life Traps
Life Crystals Life Creation Crystals
Vehicles Terrain
Buzz Wing symbol Buzz Wing Sky Symbol
Chompy Buster Icon Chompy Mage's Chompy Buster Land Symbol
Stealth Stinger symbol Stealth Stinger
Instant Stealth Stinger
Nitro Stealth Stinger Icon Nitro Stealth Stinger
Sky Symbol

Battlecast Spell Cards

This element's spells greatly vary in effect, but are almost entirely support spells. They heal, power up characters, or grant them spells and XP, and never attack directly. Enemies should be wary of Sap of the Ancients, whose luck factor could be a harmless waste of energy, or turn the tide with a powerful Character Spell all in one turn.

The scrapped Life team spell is summoning the Vigor of Life, which increases the attack power of the lead character for as many Life characters the team has.

Juice Box Muscle Sprouts Root
Juice Boxcard

Restore 20 health.

Muscle Sproutscard

Give your active ally +10 power.


Snare the active enemy.

Heart of the Forest - Relic Resurrection Ring - Gear Ageless Bonsai - Relic
Heart of the Forest - Reliccard

When an ally attacks, give it +10 max health.

Resurrection Ring - Gearcard

When owner is KO'd, revive it with 80 health and destroy Resurrection Ring.

Ageless Bonsai - Reliccard

At the end of your turn, gain a non-character Life spell.

Collective Strength Pump It Up Tribal Lore
Collective Strengthcard

Give your active ally extra power this turn equal to your other alies' combined power.

Pump It Upcard

Give an ally extra max health equal to its power.

Tribal Lorecard

Give each ally +1 rank.

Growth Spurt Nature's Fury Bloom
Growth Spurtcard

Set an ally to rank 3.

Nature's Furycard

Give your active ally +30 power.


Draw three cards.

Sap of the Ancients Vigor of Life
Sap of the Ancientscard

Give one of your characters +50 power. Gain one of its character cards. That card costs 0.

Vigor of Lifecard

Give your active ally +10 power for each life character on your team.

Character Spells: See Tree Rex, Stealth Elf and Food Fight



  • The music from Falling Forest plays in the Life elemental zones.
  • Life, Fire and Earth were the only elements that didn't include a Skylander who could fly before Swap Force. However, in the 3DS version, Zoo Lou can glide.
    • However, since Sunburn and Flashwing fly in their trailers, this was the only element that did not have any Skylanders seen flying.
  • There are two figures who deviate from the standard pedestals. Grilla Drilla has a mound of earth which his bottom half drills into, while Jolly Bumble Blast has snow on his pedestal.
  • Life is the only element with plant-based Skylanders, who comprise almost half of its total amount. Animal-based Skylanders in the element include elves, apes and other mammals, as well as insects and a mushroom.
    • Its two dragons are both hybrids, Camo being part plant and High Five being part insect. All other elements have at least one non-hybrid dragon.
  • It is the only element where all the Skylanders from Spyro's Adventure have Series 2 counterparts. Its core Skylander from Giants also has a Series 2 counterpart.
  • It was the last element to have a Skylander in an Adventure Pack, but as of Imaginators, it now has two.
  • Life has more figures in Battle Packs than other elements.
  • Life and Water are the only elements to have two sidekicks before Trap Team.
  • This is the only element with two Trap-exclusive villains, and one of three to have six standard villains. As such, it has the highest total amount of villains.
  • It is the first element to have a Skylander with five fingers and toes in each hand and feet, when most Skylanders characters usually have four.
  • High Five and Thrillipede (only when Mighty-morphosis is selected) are the only Life Skylanders with wings. They are also both insects.
  • This element has the highest amount of SuperChargers, including Alt Decos.
  • This element also has the highest amount of guest characters (Donkey Kong and Crash Bandicoot).
  • This element has the highest amount of Ninja Skylanders, including alternate counterparts.
  • Life, Fire and Water are the most common elements to appear in starter packs, with Stealth Elf appearing in several of them.
  • Unlike the other elements which have only three different creation crystals (not counting the legendaries), the Life element has four different creation crystals.


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