Listed in the order they appear under the Legendary Treasure screen

Shattered Island - Swine Salary
Perilous Pastures - Engima Pig
Sky Schooner Docks - Wild Runners
Stormy Stronghold - Ancient Carillon
Oilspill Island - Catechumen
Dark Water Cove - Parrot Totem
Leviathan Lagoon - Opulent Pullet
Crystal Eye Castle - Teddy Cyclops
Stonetown - Mono Lisa
Treetop Terrace - Sterling Tapir
Falling Forest - Topiry's Nucleus
Troll Factory - Ghost View Glasses
Goo Factory - Troll Stein
Crawling Catacombs - Royal Lynx
Cadaverous Crypt - Aphid Lifter
Creepy Citadel - Doom's Rock
Molekin Mine - Golden Links
Lava Lakes Railway - Fiord's Jetty
Quicksilver Vault - Rollerskates
Arkeyan Armory - Arkeyan Weapon Controller
Lair of Kaos - Superior Regalia
Pirate Seas - Bottle Boat
Darklight Crypt - Flamingo
Empire of Ice - Snow Globe
Dragon's Peak - Unknown

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