Legendary Treasures are special Items hidden in each level in the console versions of Skylanders. Collecting a Legendary Treasure rewards the player with gold and adds it to the Legendary Treasures collection. All treasures must be found to receive 100% completion of the game.

In Skylanders: Giants, the Legendary Treasures can be used to customize the Dread-Yacht.

In Skylanders: Swap Force, the Legendary Treasures can be placed on Pedestals that are scattered around Woodburrow. Each Legendary Treasure has its own effect on the Skylanders as long as they are on a Pedestal, and they can be switched out at any time while the player is in Woodburrow.

In Skylanders: Trap Team, the Legendary Treasures can be used to decorate Skylanders Academy, or unlock new areas in the academy, like the Observatory.

In Skylanders: SuperChargers, the Legendary Treasures can be placed as accessories throughout the Skylanders Academy, and Magic Items count as Legendary Treasures.

List of Legendary Treasures

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Legendary Treasure Reward Where/How to find

Swine Salary

50 Shattered Island

Enigma Pig

100 Perilous Pastures

Wild Runners

150 Sky Schooner Docks

Ancient Carillon

200 Stormy Stronghold


250 Oilspill Island

Parrot Totem

300 Dark Water Cove

Opulent Pullet

350 Leviathan Lagoon

Teddy Cyclops

400 Crystal Eye Castle

Mono Lisa

450 Stonetown

Sterling Tapir

500 Treetop Terrace

Topiary's Nucleus

550 Falling Forest

Legendary Ghost View Glasses

600 Troll Warehouse

Troll Stein

650 Goo Factory

Royal Lynx

700 Battlefield

Aphid Lifter

750 Crawling Catacombs

Golden Randomizer

800 Cadaverous Crypt

Doom's Rook

850 Creepy Citadel

Golden Links

900 Molekin Mine

Fiord's Jetty

950 Lava Lakes Railway


1000 Quicksilver Vault

Arkeyan Weapon Controller

1050 Arkeyan Armory

Superior Regalia

1100 Lair of Kaos

Snow Globe

500 Empire of Ice

Bottle Boat

500 Pirate Seas


500 Darklight Crypt

Archaic Codex

500 Dragon's Peak

Skylanders: Giants

Skylanders: Swap Force

Legendary Treasure Cost Where/How Found Effect
Mostly Magic Mirror N/A Mount Cloudbreak [Fire/Water] +5 Armor
Cascade Bust N/A Cascade Glade [Fire] +5 Elemental Strength Boost
Luminous Lure N/A Mudwater Hollow [Life] +10 Ranged Armor
Bubble Chest N/A Mudwater Hollow [Magic] +5 Gold Boost
The Monkey's Paw N/A Rampant Ruins [Fire/Magic] +5 Food Gain
Major Award Monkey N/A Rampant Ruins [Speed] +10 Luck
Jolly Greeble N/A Iron Jaw Gulch [Rocket] +10 Maximum Health
Tik-Tok Neck Clock N/A Iron Jaw Gulch [Tech] +10 XP Boost
The Bling Grille N/A Motleyville [Climb] +5 Elemental Food Boost
Crooked Currency N/A Motleyville [Tech] +10 Gold Boost
Moltenskin Scale N/A Twisty Tunnels [Sneak] +10 Elemental Food Boost
Crystal Fire Heart N/A Twisty Tunnels [Earth/Undead] +5 Elemental Luck Boost
Geode Glider N/A Boney Islands [Magic/Life] +12 Melee Armor
Triassic Tooth N/A Boney Islands [Dig] +2 Speed
Expensive Souvenir N/A Winter Keep [Fire] +5 Critical Hit Multiplier
Elven Arrow N/A Winter Keep [Teleport] +3 Critical Hit Multiplier
Yeti Teddy N/A Frostfest Mountains [Sneak] +5 XP Boost
Endless Cocoa Cup N/A Frostfest Mountains [Fire/Tech] +12 Armor
Topiary of Doom N/A Fantasm Forest [Teleport] +15 Elemental Power
The Brass Tap N/A Fantasm Forest [Undead/Life] +5 Gold Boost
Glowy Mushroom N/A Fantasm Forest [Sneak] +15 Pickup Range
Masterful Disguise N/A Kaos' Fortress [Speed] +15 Elemental Armor Boost
Skylander Scope N/A Kaos' Fortress [Earth/Magic] +2 Critical Hit Multiplier
Volcano Party Pass N/A Tower of Time +10 Melee Armor
Waterfall Decanter N/A Tower of Time +5 Armor
Epic Soap of Froth N/A Tower of Time [Climb] +4 Critical Hit %
Deputee Badge N/A Sheep Wreck Island +10 Elemental Strength Boost
Urban Art N/A Sheep Wreck Island [Teleport] +15 XP Boost
Amber Treasure N/A Sheep Wreck Island [Air] +12 Ranged Armor
Bog Chowder N/A Tuk's Emporium +10 Melee Armor
Bonnie Bonsai N/A Tuk's Emporium +15 Luck
Boomboom Box N/A Tuk's Emporium +10 Elemental Armor Boost
Bottled Warship N/A Tuk's Emporium +3 Critical Hit %
Buttering Blade N/A Tuk's Emporium +15 Armor
Chieftess Figure N/A Tuk's Emporium +10 Elemental Power
Crustaceous Clothes N/A Tuk's Emporium +20 Maximum Health
Frozenish Flag N/A Tuk's Emporium +15 Ranged Armor
Golden Crunchy N/A Tuk's Emporium +10 Armor
Lichen Lantern N/A Tuk's Emporium +5 Melee Armor
Mabu Carving N/A Tuk's Emporium +5 Speed
Refurbished Engine N/A Tuk's Emporium +10 Elemental Luck Boost
Shiniest Stone N/A Tuk's Emporium +10 Ranged Armor
Singing Puppet N/A Tuk's Emporium +15 Ranged Armor
Snowboulder +1 N/A Tuk's Emporium +15 Melee Armor
Spyro Duo Balloon N/A Tuk's Emporium +15 Melee Armor
Sweet Sarsparilla N/A Tuk's Emporium +10 Food Gain
Whizzing Whatsit N/A Complete 36 SWAP Zone Challenges on Nightmare difficulty. +30 Pickup Range

Skylanders: Trap Team

Skylanders: SuperChargers

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