Not to be confused with Legendary/5 Star Skylanders in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes.

Legendary Skylanders are stronger versions of regular Skylanders in the Skylanders series, though they have exactly the same upgrades and Heroic Challenges. They all commonly take on the color schemes of navy blue and gold, although the Legendary Senseis instead wear prestigious Legendary red and gold armor.

For centuries, Skylanders have competed in gladiator-style events inside epic arenas of sport, where only the greatest of combatants become immortalized as magical, golden statues that stand and watch as guardians. These are the Legendary Skylanders. Whenever the world is in peril, special Portal Masters can bring these statues to life and summon the Legendary Skylanders to defend Skylands against any evil that threatens it.

List of Legendaries


Skylanders Element
Legendary Bash Icon Legendary Bash EarthSymbolSkylanders
Legendary Blades Icon Legendary Blades AirSymbolSkylanders
Legendary Chill Icon Legendary Chill WaterSymbolSkylanders
Legendary Chop Chop Icon Legendary Chop Chop UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Legendary Déjà Vu Icon Legendary Déjà Vu MagicSymbolSkylanders
Legendary Grim Creeper Icon Legendary Grim Creeper UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Legendary Ignitor Icon Legendary Ignitor FireSymbolSkylanders
Legendary Jet-Vac Icon Legendary Jet-Vac AirSymbolSkylanders
Legendary Slam Bam Icon Legendary Slam Bam WaterSymbolSkylanders
Legendary Spyro Icon Legendary Spyro MagicSymbolSkylanders
Legendary Stealth Elf Icon Legendary Stealth Elf LifeSymbolSkylanders
Legendary Trigger Happy Icon Legendary Trigger Happy TechSymbolSkylanders
Legendary Zoo Lou Icon Legendary Zoo Lou LifeSymbolSkylanders
Giant Element
Legendary Bouncer Icon Legendary Bouncer TechSymbolSkylanders

SWAP Force Element
Legendary Free Ranger Icon Legendary Free Ranger AirSymbolSkylanders
Legendary Night Shift Icon Legendary Night Shift UndeadSymbolSkylanders

Trap Masters Element
Legendary Bushwhack Icon Legendary Bushwhack LifeSymbolSkylanders
Legendary Jawbreaker Icon Legendary Jawbreaker TechSymbolSkylanders

SuperChargers Element
Legendary Astroblast Icon Legendary Astroblast LightSymbolSkylanders
Legendary Bone Bash Roller Brawl Icon Legendary Bone Bash Roller Brawl UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Legendary Hurricane Jet-Vac Icon Legendary Hurricane Jet-Vac AirSymbolSkylanders

Senseis Element
Legendary Pit Boss Icon Legendary Pit Boss UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Legendary Tri-Tip Icon Legendary Tri-Tip EarthSymbolSkylanders


Legendary Hand of Fate Legendary Hand of Fate
Legendary Traps Legendary Traps
  • Legendary Flood Flask (Water Jughead)
  • Legendary Spectral Skull (Undead Skull)
  • Legendary Spirit Sphere (Undead Orb)
Legendary Crystals Legendary Creation Crystals
  • Legendary Life Crystal (Icosahedron)
  • Legendary Light Crystal (Cube)
  • Legendary Magic Crystal (Cube)
Vehicle Element Terrain
Legendary Sun Runner Icon Legendary Sun Runner LightSymbolSkylanders Sky Symbol



  • Legendary Skylanders are commonly exclusive to stores like Toys R' Us.
  • In Spyro's Adventure, the Legendary Series 2 Skylanders from Giants (Slam Bam, Ignitor and Stealth Elf) are displayed as their original counterparts.
  • In Spyro's Adventure and Giants, the number of Legendary Skylanders is similar to the number of Skylanders in each element.
    • In Spyro's Adventure, there are four Legendary Skylanders which is the same number for each element.
    • In Giants, there is one Legendary Giant, one Legendary LightCore Skylander, three Legendary Series 2 Skylanders and one Legendary new core Skylander, relating to what each element contains.
  • Giants and SuperChargers are the only games to add Legendary versions of reposed Skylanders.
    • Unlike the Series 2 Legendaries, the Legendary SuperCharger reposes are not backwards-compatible.
  • Jet-Vac is currently the only Skylander with two Legendary counterparts.
  • Dark is currently the only element without any Legendary counterparts.
  • Undead currently has the highest amount of Legendary Skylanders.
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