The Land of the Undead, called the Dehabilitation Center in dialogue is an area within The Underworld that is a detention center for captive Skylands inhabitants ran by Count Moneybone. The Skylanders come here to rescue Master Eon from his Traptanium prison, with Special Agent Softpaw assisting them along the way. Perspective Gates littered around the detention center alters the gravity around the Skylanders, aside from security systems and Undead guards. After the Skylanders infiltrated the Dehabilitation Center and defeated Count Moneybone, the facility has since been shut down.


Chapter 16: Not as Advertised

  • Rescue Master Eon

Chapter 17: Upside Downstairs Overtheres

  • Help Prisoners Escape - Sky Vehicle Dock
    • Blow Up the Statue

Chapter 18: Eon's Escape

  • Destroy Blockage - Water Vehicle Dock

Chapter 19: Moneyback Guarantee

  • Defeat Moneybone
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