The Lair of the Golden Queen is a part of a massive temple in Skylanders: Trap Team. It is an old structure ruled by the Golden Queen.


  • Find and defeat the Golden Queen

Elemental Gates

Areas To Find

  • Tomb of the Lost Queen
  • The Halls of Treachery
    • Element: Fire
      • Cradle of the Four Winds
        • Element: Air
  • The Darkest Reach
    • The Secret Vault
  • The Parade of Broken Soldiers
  • The Temple of the Divine Treasure
  • The Seat of Flowing Gold
    • The Evershifting Abyss
      • Element: Magic
  • Heart of Gold

New Enemies

Wanted Villains

Villains Element
Bad Juju Villain Icon.png Bad Juju Air
Golden Queen Villain Icon.png Golden Queen Earth

Legendary Treasure

  • Legendary Hippo Statue

Villain Quests

Soul Gem


  • Classic Pot Hat
  • Crazy Light Bulb Hat

Story Scroll

  • "Meditations on 'Boom'" - Chapter 17



  • The Golden Temple racetrack in Skylanders: SuperChargers is the area where the Lair of the Golden Queen is located, though repurposed as a race track and using different areas, and also as a filming set for a Mabu movie.
  • The Magic Gate in this area does not have any features defining it as Magic elemental, such as a different background or assets like most of those areas, aside from the gate itself.
  • Scrapped cinematic artwork for the game shows a different design for the Golden Queen's room with a much larger entrance[1], suggesting that it was originally planned to be the boss battle area.
  • All villains featured in this level (including Grave Clobber for his Quest) would later become Senseis in Skylanders: Imaginators.


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