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“So strong, he fears nothing except termites.”
    —Villain Vault

Krankenstein is an Evilikin who is one of the trappable Air villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. He was named after his creator Dr. Krankcase.

During the battle to regain control over Mystic Mill, Krankenstein appeared to battle the Skylanders. Despite the Evilikin's efforts, his allies were defeated, and he quickly followed suit. Krankenstein was then trapped, although he enjoyed the experience.


As a trapped villain, Krankenstein's main attack constantly rotates his oversized arm's blades like a rotor, damaging enemies. His secondary attack makes his arm snap at enemies, grabbing and holding smaller enemies completely. If you press the secondary attack again, he will launch the grabbed enemy at other targets, doing damage to both of them.

During his Bossfight, he only uses one attack, when he whirls around with his arm extended.


  • "Me CRANKY!"
  • "You can't catch monster! Monster big!"

Trap Quotes

  • "Not easy to choose. Me could lend you a hand."
  • "Haha! This actually pretty fun! WHHEEEEEEE!"
  • "If me could just find door, me out of here. Now, where is door? *whistles* Come here, door~! Come to monster~!"
  • "Me good now? Feel like new monster!"
  • "You want monster! Me good!"
  • "Lets get CRANKYYYY!" - entering the game
  • "It monster time!"
  • "Roaaar! It monster time!"
  • "Let's get cranky!"
  • "Look what I do!"
  • "Ha-ha! Monster crushed it."
  • "Yeah, yeah, yeah!"
  • "What you know about Mags? Me hear she has eyes for monster! Her said so... keeps in jar for monster! Me like."
  • "Monster no like bad Doctor K! Bring me new parts, keeps them for himself... Grrr. Monster say, good riddance!"
  • "Hm... Monster not recognize this place. Where lab? Where lightning rod? Where vat of bubbling green goo?"
  • "You going into pieces there, Skylander! Monster here if you need me!"
  • "Aww... Clock time wind down. Monster sad." - Time Out
  • "Hm, monster need recharge!" - No Timer
  • "Me not ready. Wait for monster."
  • "Monster tiiiime is ready!" - Full Timer
  • "Me ready! Tag monster, Skylander!"
  • "Hey, he talk about monster. Put monster in to do his thing." - Quest
  • "Monster think the Skylander look well made!" - Soul Gem
  • "Hope this good. Uh... Monster not know how to count." - checking stats

Villain Theme ♫

Krankenstein's theme is Elephants Trombone, from APM Music.

Villain Quest

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  • His name is a play on Frankenstein.
  • He refers to himself as "Monster".
  • Krankenstein has a crush on Mags.
  • He is the one of the few villains that likes being sucked into a vortex (the others being Brawlrus, and Eye Five).
  • His getting trapped quote is similar to Eye Five's.
  • One of his trap quotes say that Dr. Krankcase was going to give him new parts. However, he mentions that Dr. Krankcase kept them for himself.
  • His quote "Feel like new monster" is similar to the name of the song Feel Like a Monster.
  • There is a glitch involving Krankenstein that will allow you to instantly defeat small enemies. First, you must use Krankenstein's arm snap ability. Then, you must tag out Krankenstein while an enemy is in his arm.