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Know-It-All Island is an island in Skylanders: Trap Team that is home to talking Stone Heads who know everything. Trolls have taken over the island, however, and the Skylanders have to clear them out as they try to learn about the Doom Raiders.


Rift into Overdrive

While gaining information about the Rift Engines from the Stone Heads, Know-It-All Island was consumed by a rift manifested from Kaos's Sky Eater.


  • Gather info about Doom Raiders
  • Clear out trolls from the island

Elemental Gates

Areas To Find

  • Pompous Point & Told You So Terrace
    • Element: Life
  • Stuck-Up Steppes
  • The Weighting Room
    • Element: Earth
  • Windbag Woods
    • Element: Air
  • Enchanted Forest
    • Element: Life
  • Steam Vent Junction
  • Boulder Falls Circle
    • Element: Air
      • Shadowy Sanctum
        • Element: Dark
  • Patronizing Plateau
    • Element: Life
  • Embellesher's Restreat

New Enemies

Wanted Villains

Villain Element
Tussle Sprout Villain Icon.png Tussle Sprout Earth
Buzzer Beak Villain Icon.png Buzzer Beak Air
Slobber Trap Villain Icon.png Slobber Trap Water

Villain Quests

Soul Gems


  • Sleuth Hat
  • Hedgehog Hat

Legendary Treasure

  • Legendary Tribal Statue

Story Scroll

  • "Meditations on 'Boom'" - Chapter 2


  • The Enchanted Forest area within the Life Traptanium Gate is the same level design as Falling Forest from Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.
  • Know-it-All Island and Shattered Island are some of the few existing levels unrelated to the villains' headquarters that are completely destroyed after their first appearances, though the former was destroyed in-between games by the Sky Eater's rifts.
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