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King Pen is a Skylander Sensei in the Skylanders Academy television series.



While penguins in reality have short legs, the same does not seem to apply to King Pen whose legs don't appear to be as stubby and also possessing toes instead of webbed feet. King Pen has a large white bellied torso that is covered with black and gold armor that reaches behind his head with two black straps from front to back and a gold colored belt around his waist. He also dons large metal "Flipper Blades" in order to combat enemies and golden shoulder plating. He has a yellow beak, blue eyes with yellow sclera, and wears a black helmet with a blue ponytail on the top.


King Pen is much more fit and agile compared to other Skylanders in his age, and can attack with large leaps and slashes from his metal claws. Despite his flippers, he can also use handheld weapons such as staves.



Long ago, King Pen and Master Eon worked together to battle a fearsome foe and nearly lost. In their goal to protect the Skylands, King Pen worked on a Skylander with unlimited skills and abilities that can help protect the realm when no other Skylander would be able to answer a call to arms.

Season 1

In Missing Links, King Pen was summoned by Master Eon when Team Spyro was having trouble with working as a team overcoming the Fire Viper simulation. The Skylander Sensei brought over his Imaginator, Cy, to help the Skylanders improve their talents while working cooperatively. While Team Spyro trained with Cy, King Pen and Master Eon worked in relocating the Core of Light and would later see how Cy's involvement with the Team during the Fire Viper simulation.

When Team Spyro and Cy failed the test, both Master Eon and King Pen expressed their concerns about the future of the team and Cy's failure in helping them. The Skylander Sensei then accompanied Eon to a good thinking spot at Skylanders Academy where they could ponder deep thoughts. During that time, they witnessed Team Spyro and Cy working together in defeating the actual Fire Viper that attacked them, and King Pen became proud of Cy in accomplishing his main goal as an Imaginator. Happy with the results, King Pen went on to take Cy to train other Skylander teams in need of their help.

Season 2

Sometime before the events of Season 2, King Pen and Cy returned to the Sensei's home at Arctic Isle.

In Belly of the Beast, Fire Viper returned for revenge by capturing King Pen at Arctic Isle, unnaturally immune to the cold and easily able to trap him with icicles. When the Skylanders came to rescue King Pen, Fire Viper devoured the Sensei to taunt them, driving Cy into a rage and causing the group to also be swallowed by the villain as they were unable to evade his assault.

While feeling weak from Fire Viper's heated digestive tract, King Pen revealed to the Skylanders of a great evil that was returning and mentioned to Spyro about knowing about "the losses of the past". After the Skylanders were spat out and defeated Fire Viper, King Pen realized that Spyro wasn't told about the "losses of the past" and quickly disregarded what he said earlier as 'gibberish'.


Master Eon

King Pen is old friends with Master Eon, having worked side by side with the wizard in their battle against a great foe in the past.


Cy is King Pen's own Skylander creation and was eager to see what improvement he would add to a Skylander Team. However he expressed disappointment in Cy when the Imaginator failed to help Team Spyro in their training simulation and then intended to scrap the Imaginator piece by piece to see what was wrong with Cy, disregarding any possible feelings Cy felt about it. When Cy ultimately helped Team Spyro defeat an actual Fire Viper, King Pen was pleased that Cy succeeded in being a warrior he was designed to be, despite being extremely doubtful at first.


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  • Unlike in the games, King Pen's blades have no metal cover over the rest of his arms, revealing them entirely, and the black part of his feathers has the appearance of chainmail with a blueish tinge.
    • He, Snap Shot and Cynder are currently the only characters in Skylanders Academy with major design changes.


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