The Kaos Trophy was originally exclusive to the three different Dark Editions of Skylanders: SuperChargers and its Racing counterpart, but later released separately. It allows players to race as Kaos, piloting his signature vehicle, the Doom Jet. This can only be used in Sky racing tracks.

Unlike the other Trophies, it does not unlock any additional tracks or racing modes. Kaos and the Doom Jet are also unlocked instantly, instead of having to unlock them by completing races.



  • The Kaos Trophy is unique among the trophies in several ways, other than having only one Villain, one Vehicle and no tracks.
    • It is the only Trophy in a different color than gold, being primarily black with a small amount of silver, matching the Dark Edition Skylanders and the Ultimate Kaos Trap.
    • It is the only Trophy with an elemental alignment, as evidenced by the Kaos symbol on the bottom, whereas the others have terrain symbols.
    • Being the only Trophy available in a Starter or Single Pack, it is consequently the only Trophy not to be available in a Racing Action Pack.
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