The Kaos Realm, also known as Kaos Island, is the final island of the Second Dimension, in which Kaos has taken refuge and built his latest fortress, corresponding to no particular element. The regular rules of the Second Dimension are twisted in his favor, and among the stormy skies and the dark buildings, the last remnants of Kaos' army reside, including the previous Realms' bosses, seeking out revenge and no longer playing fair. A notable feature is a pirate ship in the background of some matches, with an unknown owner that may attack with cannons depending on the conditions.


  • Taste the Painbow - Chompy Mage Rematch
    • Conditions - You face three Chompies plus a special friend.
    • In-battle conditions - It's just three Chompies...
    • You face 3 ordinary Chompies. Once one is defeated, Chompy Mage joins the battle.
  • Arr You Ready? - Grinnade, Captain Dreadbeard and Bomb Shell Boss Rematch
    • Conditions - You face Grinnade, Captain Dreadbeard and Bomb Shell. Take them one at a time!
    • In-battle Conditions - Watch your head!
    • A cannon will shoot at a random team's character for 20 damage at the start of their turns.
  • Vaudevillainy - Wolfgang Boss Rematch
    • Conditions - You must survive three phases of Wolfgang's show.
    • Wolfgang has 3 phases:
      • At the start of the fight, whenever a spell is played all characters - including Wolfgang - take 20 damage.
      • In the middle, Wolfgang will gain 10 attack and 20 max health at the start of his turns.
      • At the end, Wolfgang will regenerate 100 health and draw a Power Chord at the start of his turns.
  • The Element of Surprise
    • Conditions - You face 3 Spell Punks of a random element.
  • A Matter of Life and Death - Count Moneybone Boss Rematch
    • Conditions - Count Moneybone brought friends this time, and they're healing him each turn. See if you can take them out first!
    • In-battle Conditions - He brought minions this time!
    • Count Moneybone is accompanied by 2 Life Spell Punks that never switch and heal at the start of his turns.
  • Molecular Gastronomy - Chef Pepper Jack and Dr. Krankcase Boss Rematch
    • Conditions - Each player gains a crystal at the start of your turn. Play your expensive cards!
  • Animal Vegetable Mineral - Broccoli Guy, Grave Clobber and Buzzer Beak Boss Rematch
    • Conditions - You face Broccoli Guy, Grave Clobber and Buzzer Beak. Try and take Broccoli Guy out last.
  • Unlucky Thirteen
    • Conditions - Survive for thirteen turns, or one less for every enemy you defeat.
    • In-battle Conditions - Survive 13 turns.
    • After an enemy is defeated, it is immediately replaced by another enemy. They only stop spawning when the turn counter at the top of the screen reaches zero.
  • Sweet Dreams - Pain-Yatta and Dreamcatcher Boss Rematch
    • Conditions - Pain-Yatta and and Dreamcatcher feed on cards. Keep your hand empty!
    • In-battle Conditions - I heard you like cards.
  • Naught Again - Shrednaught Boss Rematch
    • Conditions - Shrednaught will either attack or play cards! Try and take advantage of this pattern!
    • In-battle Conditions - Naught gonna happen!
  • Ice Gold - Golden Queen and Chill Bill Boss Rematch
    • Conditions - You face Golden Queen and Chill Bill. Try to finish them before they get 10 crystals!
    • In-battle Conditions - You'll be ice gold.
  • Mirror Match
    • Conditions - You face an evilised version of your own team. They even have the same deck.
    • In-battle Conditions - Stop hitting yourself!
    • The opponents are the same Skylanders you select, and the deck of cards they have will be the same as well.
  • Three Times the Kaos - Kaos Final Boss
    • Conditions - Find the real Kaos and defeat him! Look for the false holograms!
    • There are 3 holograms of Kaos; one of them is the real Kaos. Once a hologram is dealt enough damage, it will either be defeated or reveal itself as the true Kaos and KO all other holograms.
      • The real Kaos in hologram form taunts the player between turns. Pay attention to whether the active hologram reacts at the start of the turn; if it does, that's the real Kaos.



  • The card of this Realm's mission select is Gear Shift.
  • Kaos Realm is the only area in the game where several unexplained conditions happen, such as characters being revived without a Ressurection Ring or Restless Spirit, enemies replacing others in the middle of battle and more than 3 enemies faced in a single battle.
  • One of the battle themes of Twisty Tunnels plays in matches of this realm.
  • The Shrednaught that you battle here has the appearance of Steampunk Shrednaught.
  • The Spell Punks at The Element of Surprise have enlarged models, rivaling the size of a Trap Master.
  • Though most evilized characters in Mirror Match have a slightly purple hue to the models, Hex, Eruptor, Hot Head, Sonic Boom, Prism Break and Obsidian Hot Head Skylanders look exactly the same.
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