The Kaos Klones are more clones of the Evil Portal Master himself. Unlike the Sensei, however, these clones act as bodyguards to the original.


There are currently five forms of Kaos' clone army.

Kaos Knucklers

These brawler Klones are the most common of Kaos' clone army as well as the weakest, using solely their fists.

Kaos Doomrikens

These Klones use dark glowing shurikens, throwing stars also used by Imaginators and Senseis of the Ninja Battle Class.

Kaos Doombombers

These Klones throw cannonballs at the Skylanders, having an infinite supply despite using no weapons. Because of their ability, they are usually stationary and keep their distance.

Kaos Krushers

These heavy Klones have the most health and strength, pounding the ground with their fists to create large shockwaves.

Sensei Kaos

This is the very first clone Kaos had created, a perfect replica. However, because he also kept the original's ambitions of being a sole ruler, they both quarrel for the right to be the true Emperor of Skylands.

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  • Only three of the Klones have hair. Oddly, Kaos will only comment on the Krusher klone, who is also bald, as a "handsome fellow".
  • Possibly for clearer animations and attack tells, none of the enemy Klones have the lower half of Kaos' robe, with only his trousers which are rarely seen at various points in the series.

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