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Kaos Doom Challenge is a personal battle arena in Skylanders: Trap Team. It was originally a training facility at the Skylanders Academy until Kaos cursed it, turning the training simulator into a difficult nightmare. There are 100 levels in these challenges. Each challenge must completed in order to unlock the next challenge.

In Skylanders Issue 12, it makes a brief appearance as the Minis fight a recreated version of Super Evil Kaos, having the appearance of a normal room in the Academy when inactive. However, it is unknown if the curse is still in effect.


  • So It Begins - Tutorial
  • Enfuego Rain Temple
  • Horrible Something Terrible
  • Worst Nightmare Marsh
  • Twice Doomed Marsh
  • Itchy Lilies Marsh
  • Kaos Fury Docks
  • Twisted Twister Docks
  • Finally Final Docks

Mystery Box of Doom

The Mystery Box of Doom is the target of Kaos' army. If the box is destroyed, it will unleashed a giant enemy. It doesn't have to survive a wave to complete a challenge, and another one takes its place once the wave is over.

Villains Inside


In every challenge, there are Tower marks. The marks must equal the element of a Skylander or a villain. There are also Traptanium Crystals that only Trap Masters can break or boulders that only a Giant can lift. If the tower survives a wave, it gets upgraded up to two times, giving gold if it survives further waves.


  • It is unknown if the locations of the Challenge are based on real locations. However, they use assets from Chompy Mountain, Monster Marsh and Rainfish Riviera respectively.
  • Though Cali mentions the training simulator having a scarier, stinkier Kaos in it after adjustments, the only Kaos seen is a hologram.
  • When a Scrap Shooter gets out of the box, his icon is a crowned Shield Shredder instead of a Scrap Shooter.
  • The Troll Warrior's icon seems to be a green Chill Bill, as the regular enemies have no such icon.