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Kaos' Minions are evil duplicates versions of known Skylanders (with the exception of the Hydra) that Kaos created to use them to battle the Skylanders who attempt to retrieve Eternal Sources. There are thirteen total known minions. In the skirmishes for an Eternal Source, the minions are stronger when they're fought alone but when all three of the respective elements come out, the single minions are easier to beat.

Kaos' Minions are found at the end of the chapters Leviathan Lagoon, Lava Lakes Railway, Creepy Citadel, and Falling Forest. All minions appear one last time (and for the Hydra the first time) in the final battle in the Lair of Kaos.

In Skylanders: Giants, some of the evil doubles make minor appearances in specific Elemental Gates as boss battles. Because the game now has difficulty settings and several Skylanders had gameplay changes, they can prove a greater challenge than before.

List of Minions


  • Fire and Water are the only elements to have multiple minion appearances in Giants.
    • Fire is the only one to have all three of its minions make a return.
  • Though multiples of the minions are found in the games, some Book of Elements entries refer to a few, such as the Evil Witch Minion, as individuals, though sharing the tastes and methods of their good counterparts.
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