Kaos' Guest Castle is an outhouse-turned-castle in the Skylanders Academy TV show. It is a single room tower where Kaos resides until the end of Season 1, with his bed, belongings and boards for evil schemes.


The smaller castle splits off from Kaossandra's Castle through a bridge that leads to a small island. The area surrounding it only has stepping stones and dead shrubbery, and only contains a teleportation pad.

Most of the interior is unknown, but the main corridor leads to Kaos' large room, which has a circular shape divided by pillars at the corners, and a spiral pattern on the floor. Most of its furniture can be moved around such as chairs, boards, tables and a bathtub, with stationary parts including Kaos' throne, his crib-like bed, and his closet under the stairway. Because of the room's previous purpose, a wooden outhouse is in one of the corners.


Kaossandra lent the space dedicated to the outhouse to Kaos, though it is still inside the room. During the pilot, Kaos also buried an unnamed character under the floor alive, and his fate is unknown. At various points during the show, Kaos appears to use the portal on the outside to travel to his wanted destinations.

Season 1

The tower is Kaos' base of operations, and where he returns to after his failures. In My Way or the Sky Way, Kaossandra threatens to take it back with the reasoning that he never paid rent, however, she later reveals she doesn't really care and just wanted him far away from the castle for a day.

From Space Invaders forward, it is also used by the Doom Raiders against Kaos' will, though after Kaossandra discovered it she allowed them into her castle as well.

At the end of Assault on Skylander Academy, Kaos is no longer allowed to return home, and the fate of his tower is unknown.



  • Despite having no resemblance to Kaos' Kastle, the color palette and aesthetics are those of Kaos' Fortress.
  • The wall next to Kaos' bed and the back of one of the planning boards is filled with Golden Queen fanart, and Dreamcatcher points out a handmade Golden Queen Dakimakura, also known as a body pillow, in one of the corners in the room. This is one of the several adult references in the show.
    • Another reference is Kaos' nursery mobile above his bed. Rather than hanging toys, he has statues of the Skylanders and Master Eon in pain, in a depiction of a hanging execution.
  • The guest castle has two towers on the outside, despite its inside appearance of a single large room.
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